Perfect Video Games for Couples to Play Together

What could be better than gaming, other than gaming with your partner? Spending time with someone you care about while also getting in some video game time makes for a tremendous experience. Here are just some video games that are absolutely perfect for couples to play together.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is THE video game for those in relationships. It can only be played with two players and features a plot about a married couple forced to rekindle their love by a magical talking book. Both players must work together and play off each other’s abilities to make it through dangerous challenges and take down foes. The two main characters, May and Cody, each get their own core mechanics for each chapter of the game that must be used synergistically, making the players rely on each other the whole time. The different mechanics for each character also offers a different enough experience that it may be worth the second playthrough after swapping.


Snipperclips is a delightful cooperative puzzle game in which two to four players must work together to snip each other into various shapes to fit into certain outlines, navigate balls through mazes, crank gears, and much more. The puzzles are fun and the characters look adorable, but it can be trickier than it seems. This is one game that needs great communication between those playing it.


One of the more bizarre games on the list, PHOGS! is a puzzle adventure game that allows players to control one head of a two headed dog creature similar to Nickelodeon’s CatDog. Being stuck together and controlling one half of a single body forces the players to communicate and cooperate. The game is adorable, goofy, and wildly entertaining as the PHOGS make their way through a trippy world to collect bones, solve challenging puzzles, and make friends.


It’s safe to say that most people are at least somewhat aware of what Minecraft is. If you don’t, to put it simply, you mine and you craft. It’s essentially extremely in-depth virtual building blocks. Putting your brains together to build a magnificent structure, collectively exploring caves, and defending each other against hordes of Creepers and skeletons can be an exciting time for couples looking for a creative shared experience.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a truly unique game as it serves a farming simulator as well as a country-life RPG with fantasy elements to it. Work on your farm, interact with the townsfolk, and battle slime monsters in the spooky mines. Sharing that unique experience with your partner only enhances that experience. It also allows the players to delegate each task thanks to the splitscreen. The mayor’s shenanigans and other amusing moments between the townsfolk can lead to some hilarious in-jokes between partners.


For a more chaotic cooperative experience, look no further than Overcooked and Overcooked 2. Working as a team, players must avoid obstacles in order to prepare, cook, and serve food to customers. It can get extraordinarily hectic, so you have to communicate well and think on your feet. If you have a good rhythm with someone on your team of chefs, then everything should go smoothly. It’s also worth noting that the overall aesthetic is surprisingly charming for such a crazy game.


The LittleBigPlanet video game series offers a lot for a couple to do together. They’re side-scrolling platformers with fantastic and imaginative stories that can be played with multiple players. They allow players to create their own levels together, as well as play levels created by other players from around the world. Couples who play together can work together to be creative or to just have fun playing through the campaign, playing hide and seek, surviving bombs, escaping from sharks, and whatever else they could ever think of.

Just Dance

The Just Dance games allow people to have a fun time with some friendly competition. During each exciting dance-off, players can compete to see who comes out on top without ruining relationships like Mario Party or Mario Kart. With tons of songs to dance to and plenty of multiplayer modes to shake up the gameplay. You don’t even need to be a good dancer; you can have goofy fun dancing your butts off together.


Borderlands and its sequels are probably some of the best cooperative gaming experiences around for folks who enjoy first person shooters. There are literally millions of possible guns to use in each game, but it’s not just all about the shooting like in Call of Duty or others like it. Each character has their own special abilities that greatly change up how the game is played for them. Players work as a team to take down bandits, battle alien monsters, and blow stuff up. On top of all that, there are fantastic stories to experience, incredible worlds to explore, and some of the best humor in gaming to enjoy.

Just About Any LEGO Game

Take your pick of just about any LEGO video game. Whether it be LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Lord of the Rings, LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, or something else entirely, you’ll likely have an insanely great time with its cooperative gameplay. With massive amounts of characters from the chosen franchise to play as, players can swap between them on the fly to solve puzzles and battle enemies. The unique LEGO humor allows for an upbeat time as you play through some of your favorite movies in LEGO form. It’s a silly multiplayer experience, but a great one. 


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