The Flash Movie: Would a Solo Michael Keaton Batman Movie Be Better?

The trailer for the upcoming movie, The Flash, has finally released, giving audiences a taste of what they can expect. The film hit a lot of turbulence over the years during, like jumping around between directors during the filmmaking process and controversy surrounding the lead actor Ezra Miller, so fans have been wondering what the end product would look like if ever actually saw the light of day. Now that a trailer has been released, moviegoers can finally get some sort of insight as to how the film might be.

The Flash – Official Trailer

This trailer does feature a lot of great details that are worth getting excited for. It overall feels like  a story true to The Flash comic books (even if starting his live action movie journey with Flashpoint is an odd choice), there looks to be plenty of heartfelt emotion, and the action looks extremely exciting. There are even some somewhat small details that are no comic book accurate that weren’t previously in the DCEU, like the Flash’s lightning now being the correct color and that he now wears the ring that he can store his suit in and summon it from. 

In true modern superhero blockbuster fashion, there are also a slew of cameos from other DC characters, including Supergirl (who is clearly designed after Lara Lane-Kent but is still Kara Danvers), General Zod (who met his demise in Man of Steel which might indicate the Flash discovers a different timeline in which that didn’t happen), Ben Affleck’s Batman, and the one that caught the most attention: Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Michael Keaton returning to the role of Batman is one of the most exciting things that could have happened in the movie world. He took on the role in 1989, creating one of the greatest performances for the character, as well as helping to shape the hero for future iterations. He hasn’t played the caped crusader since 1992, so fans have waited over 30 years to see him don the cowl again. It’s a comic book and movie fan’s dream come true to see him reprise the role after such a long wait.

Despite how elated Batman fans are to have Keaton in the suit once again, it does raise a potentially big issue for the movie. Either Keaton’s Batman will completely steal the show and overshadow the Flash in his own film, or Keaton will have an extraordinarily small role.

If he takes away too much of the spotlight (which is likely given that it’s Michael freaking Keaton returning as Batman), then it hurts the movie feeling like a Flash solo flick, which is unfortunate for folks who’ve been craving one. There are Flash fans who want to see the scarlet speedster gain his powers, learn how to use them, and take on his own nemeses like the Rogues or Gorilla Grodd, and they’re still not getting that.

However, if this truly does still feel like a solo Flash adventure and Batman is just a small part of it, then those who have been waiting for a return to the Batman film series from the 80s and 90s will mostly just get disappointment. All this hype around Michael Keaton’s return and it might potentially go to waste on a mere few minutes of screen time.

Perhaps this upcoming film would have been better off as a solo Flash movie. That way, fans of the character can experience what they’ve been waiting for without him being overshadowed by the larger-than-life cameos. It would also allow for Michael Keaton’s return as Batman to receive an entire movie of its own to be the focus of.

Fans of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns coming to see The Flash to see their favorite Batman may not be interested in whatever is going on in the DCEU or movie universe-hopping plots. They might even be confused by it if they haven’t seen other DCEU films. A true continuation of the Tim Burton/Joel Shumacher Batman series would be the most ideal way for Michael Keaton to return. With plenty of other film franchises, like Jurassic Park and Star Wars receiving sequels decades later, there’s no reason the same can’t also happen for the classic Batman flicks. As exciting as it is to see him make a comeback, it would have been much better if it was a new sequel to the series that fans fell in love with all those years ago.

Only time will tell how The Flash will shake things up for future DC movies. Maybe this could lead to a surprise new Michael Keaton Batman movie as well as DC’s new universe.


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