What We Know About MultiVersus, the Latest Crossover Platform Fighting Game

More and more platform fighters have been coming out of the woodwork as of late. Recently, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl hit the gaming scene, and now MultiVersus, the newest crossover fighting game, has been announced and is on the way. MultiVersus is being published by Warner Bros. and will pit the likes of Bugs Bunny, Batman, Arya Stark, and Shaggy against each other in epic combat. It’s safe to say that this will be one that a lot of people will be excited about. The game is currently in development, but there is quite a bit of information that we already know about it. 


Where this is Warner Bros.’ take on the platform fighting genre, the roster is filled with iconic characters from Warner Bros. movies, TV series, cartoons, and other franchises. The classic cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera are represented by Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and the beloved cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry. Regardless of roster size, it would have felt empty without Bugs Bunny of Looney Tunes fame since he’s essentially Warner Bros’ biggest mascot, but he’s thankfully included. 

With how huge superheroes are in modern media, it would be foolish not to include any. There are currently a whopping four representatives from DC Comics who are playable, being Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Harley Quinn. Cartoon Network gets some love with the likes of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and Steven and Garnet from Steven Universe

Unlike other platform fighters, characters who have strictly existed in live action can be playable as well. This is seen with the inclusion of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones as a playable character. If live action characters are on the table, then the possibilities for future characters are endless. 

One of the more interesting characters seen on the game’s roster is Reindog, who is a completely new and original character. That’s not something typically seen in crossovers. Perhaps this alludes to the inclusion of a story in the game that he’s heavily a part of. Maybe the reason why the likes of Shaggy can interact with someone like Arya Stark and characters from other universes is somehow tied to Reindog and his home world. 

The characters are all voice-acted by great talents, many of which by their original or well-known voice actors like Estelle as Garnet, Maisie Willaims as Arya Stark, Kevin Conroy as Batman, or Matthew Lillard as Shaggy. There are likely plenty of characters we have yet to see, though. More characters may be announced to be in the starting roster, and in the world of downloadable content, anyone could be added anytime after release. 

Game Modes

Where most platform fighters, like Super Smash Bros., focus on four-player free-for-all matches and intense one-on-one battles, MultiVersus seems to be trying to stand out a bit. Yes, those familiar game modes are still present, but the primary focus of MultiVersus looks to be on two vs. two fights where each character has moves that benefit their teammates as much as they harm their opponents. For instance, Bugs Bunny’s teammates can travel through his tunnels, and Steven Universe can create shields for his teammates. This team-based gameplay allows for unique strategy and meta on the player’s side and leads to interesting mechanics that allow the game to form its own identity rather than following the same formula that’s been set up by previous platform fighters. 

The game will also feature Ranked Competitive and more casual play, along with a training mode to hone your skills with any character. Plus, it will support both online and local play, which every game in this genre should. There will also be cross-play and cross-progression from platform to platform, so there’s no need to make a new account for each way you want to play. 


We don’t know about many of the maps that will be featured in MultiVersus quite yet, but there are sure to be plenty of well-known worlds from iconic franchises. For now, all we know about are the Batcave, Finn and Jake’s Treefort, and some sort of catch-all stage featuring background objects from Looney Tunes, DC Comics, and more. It’s likely a safe bet that there will be at least one map from each franchise that will be represented in the roster. It would also be neat to see maps based on franchises that don’t have representation in the roster. That way, if there’s an IP that doesn’t have a character that would make sense to play as, like Casablanca, it can still be represented. 

Free to Play

MultiVersus will be free to play. There’s barely a need for more information. A fun game that doesn’t cost anything sounds like pure perfection. That being said, the development team needs to make money somehow. This means that there will likely be alternate costumes and other cosmetics that may cost money to purchase. Those types of purchases aren’t necessary though, assuming they go by a similar model to that of Apex Legends or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Still, to be able to download and play the game for free is extremely exciting. 

Customization and Unlockables

That brings us to the next important detail that we know about the game, and that’s at least some of the unlockables and customization options that it will offer. Every playable character will have alternate costumes to choose from, with most of them needing to be unlocked. 

As seen in one of the trailers, players can also choose what the ring-out animation is when they knock an opponent off the edge of the screen. In most platform fighters, a beam of light explodes where the character gets knocked off. In MultiVersus, you can keep that familiar beam of light, but you can also have a picture of Porky Pig saying “That’s all folks!” pop up right where your opponent gets knocked off the screen. It’s safe to assume that there will be more of these ring-out animations to unlock and choose from. 

The game’s trailer also reveals a perk system in which players choose which perks they wish to modify their character with for a match. Some of these include faster dodges or less of a cool-down on special moves. It looks like that players will be able to unlock some of these perks so they can find their prefered way to play. 

The same part of the trailer also shows that player icons will be something for players to choose from. These little pictures that show up on your profile and when you’re playing online aren’t necessarily important, but they’re still a fun cosmetic to represent yourself with. Pictures of the playable characters, or symbols that represent them (like the Bat symbol or Steven Universe’s star) would allow for quite a few player icons to choose from, which might mean these are things players can potentially unlock over time. 

There’s no telling if characters and maps will need to be unlockable when they’re released, but if MultiVersus does match the Apex Legends model, then players will need to rack up enough in-game currency to obtain them. 

It looks like there are multiple ways to unlock these cosmetics and other items. One is most likely purchasing them outright with real-world money, which is a smart move for any business. Another would be to earn in-game currency by playing the game, winning matches, and completing daily challenges, which is also similar to other free-to-play games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Rocket League

It seems there may be some sort of battle pass that allows players to unlock things as they play. Play enough and you automatically unlock them, like in Fortnite and other free games. This is a fun way to unlock items and definitely helps players get that dopamine hit, but the in-game currency can be more exciting as it allows for people to choose what they unlock. 

More to Come

What is perhaps one of the most exciting details that we already know about MultiVersus is that there is more to come. Sure, there are probably things that we haven’t seen that will be available at launch, but the development team will be adding more characters, maps, and other items to the game after launch. 

Tony Huynh, the game’s director, even says in the reveal trailer that there will be regular updates including new characters, modes, skins, and events. This means that if someone doesn’t show up in the game at launch, there’s still a chance for them to be included. New modes being added could shake up the gameplay to keep it feeling fresh. The fact that there will always be something new will mean there will always be something fun to look forward to, and it will never feel stale. 

MultiVersus is planned to release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One sometime in 2022. It’s sure to be an exciting ride leading up to the game’s launch. 

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  1. […] MultiVersus is an upcoming free-to-play crossover platform fighting game by Warner Bros. and Player First Games. Some of the world’s most popular characters, from Bugs Bunny to Batman, are battling it out in Super Smash Bros. fashion. Gamers certainly have a lot to look forward to when it finally releases later this year. With this genre of video games, the roster size and who’s on it is extremely important. With Warner Bros. having access to so many properties between what they own and what companies they typically work closely with, the possibilities for playable characters is seemingly endless. Plus, the developers have stated that more characters and other content will be added to it over time, adding to the excitement and the roster potential.  […]


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