Black Lightning Still Has Life Left In It

The “Arrowverse”, a collection of DC Comics superhero TV series in a shared universe, has provided a lot of entertainment since Arrow began in 2012. With several TV shows in their lineup, and more on the way, none of the series could last forever. A handful of the series, Constantine, Arrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning, have all come to a close. 

Arrow and Supergirl both reached natural conclusions, and Constantine may have been canceled after one season, but John Constantine continued his arc on Legends of Tomorrow. Black Lightning, however, reached a series finale, but still had plenty of life left in it. It could have easily lasted for another season or two. 

Black Lightning‘s series finale saw the demise of Tobias Whale, the show’s primary antagonist. Tobias was gone, and the main conflict was resolved. However, there’s still plenty to cover outside of this main conflict. 

For starters, one of the final scenes in the series finale shows that Lala is free of his concrete prison. He, and the remaining members of the 100 Gang, are still out there committing crimes and endangering the people of Freeland. Obviously, it’ll be up to Black Lightning and his family to stop them. Plus, figuring out how to truly defeat a gang lord who can never die would make for some entertaining superhero TV. 

Agent Odell is still alive as well, as we’ve seen during the final season. He’s the one who turned Khalil into Painkiller and is responsible for experiments being run on several other innocent people. Even though we saw him get shot by Painkiller, he shows up in one more episode where it’s revealed he survived and is working with his daughter to do some shady dealings. 

Speaking of Painkiller, he clearly has much more of an arc ahead of him. The writers set up enough story for him to bleed into his own spin-off series, but it was recently announced that the spin-off was not greenlit. Everything they had set up for him will now never be seen, which is rather disappointing. 

Let’s not forget that Gravedigger, played by Wayne Brady, is also on the loose. He’s proven himself to be one of Black Lightning’s toughest adversaries, and they even mention “being ready for if Gravedigger ever returns” during the final season. That’s yet another battle that we may never see. 

Outside of the handful of unresolved conflicts, there’s also some character development that can be done. Jennifer, for instance, has a lot of maturing left to do. Also, what in the world is going on with Jefferson and Lynn? Are they getting re-married or just dating? It’s a bit painful not knowing. 

There are undoubtedly enough unresolved plots that would take one or two seasons to wrap up. The series doesn’t need to go on much longer than that and risk reaching the point where it feels like it lasted too long, which is the case with some other TV shows, but the finale feels like it’s missing something when there’s so much left to cover. Freeland still isn’t safe from gang violence, there are still dangerous Metas looking to cause trouble, and a few of the characters still have development to achieve. Black Lightning may have come to a conclusion, but there’s still plenty of life left in it. 

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