12 PlayStation Exclusives that Need Sequels on the PS5

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With the PlayStation 5 planned to release this holiday season, Sony has announced several exclusives for their starting lineup, including many sequels. We will soon see new installments for series such as Horizon, Ratchet & Clank, Spider-Man, and Gran Turismo. Even Littlebig Planet’s Sackboy is making a comeback in a brand new game. There are plenty of other PlayStation exclusives that should absolutely make their comebacks on the PS5 as well. 

Here are 12 PlayStation exclusives that need to have sequels on the PS5:

1) Infamous


The Infamous series, which allowed gamers to play as an electrified Conduit (super-powered being) named Cole MacGrath as they chose to follow the path of a hero or villain. The dual storylines, the electricity-based combat, and the open world travel made for a truly unforgettable experience. The series was popular enough to receive a spin-off game on the PS4, Infamous Second Son, which featured a new protagonist named Delsin Rowe who had the ability to manipulate smoke and even absorb and use other superpowers. Second Son followed the same idea of choosing between the heroic or villainous paths and was just as great as the previous two titles. 

Fans deserve to see Infamous make its return on the PS5. Cole’s story may be done, but Delsin is just getting started. It’s safe to say that a direct sequel to Second Son would be a successful release on the new console. Another spin-off game existing in the same world following the story of another Conduit with different powers could be a lot of fun to experience as well. 

2) Twisted Metal


The insane vehicular combat series Twisted Metal is one of PlayStation’s longest running franchises. There are 8 games in the series, with the earliest installments releasing on the original PlayStation. Characters such as Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, and Dollface have been putting the “car” in “carnage” for over 20 years, but there was a noticeable absence of anything related to Twisted Metal on the PS4. 

In a world of online multiplayer shooters and Battle Royale games, it would certainly be exciting to have something similar yet different enough by throwing demonic ice cream trucks and other crazy vehicles into the mix. A new Twisted Metal is exactly the kind of game this next generation needs. 

3) God of War

god of war

God of War’s Kratos has become synonymous with all things PlayStation. He’s easily their biggest current mascot. The God of War series originally released way back on the PS2, and when the story was finished and the franchise felt tired, Sony found a way to bring its momentum back with 2018’s God of War. They changed up the gameplay and the story enough to make it feel like something brand new while still feeling faithful to the rest of the series. Plus, the recent game was centered around Norse mythology which was a rather large deviation from the Greek mythology-centered previous games. 

Almost every God of War game has been wildly popular, and the most recent installment on the PS4 was no different. It’s safe to say that just about everyone expects to see a follow up to the PS4 God of War on the PS5. Perhaps it will continue on with Kratos’ Norse adventures somehow, or maybe it would have Kratos take on an entirely new mythology. 

4) Bloodborne


The PS4’s Bloodborne is an action role-playing game set in a Gothic, Victorian-era world filled with terrifying monsters. It’s been known to be so hard that the difficulty rivals Dark Souls. The combat mechanics, creature designs, and the beautifully decrepit world have all made the game extremely unique and memorable.

The PS5 could allow a Bloodborne sequel to have an even bigger and more open world to explore. Perhaps it’ll allow us to visit another cursed city outside of Yharnam. Bloodborne‘s environments and aesthetic are absolutely stunning. Imagine how great they could be on the PS5. Plus, fans of difficult action RPGs have most likely played through everything Bloodborne has to offer. It’s time to experience something new from it.

5) Sly Cooper

sly cooper

Sly Cooper has been a pretty big PlayStation mascot since the PS2 era. The sneaky thief and his faithful team have allowed players to experience different unique abilities as they ventured around the world stealing treasure, beating up baddies, and saving the world. The series consistently created terrific open-world platforming experiences, and frankly, we are due for a new game. 

Sly Cooper is a series that especially needs a sequel, as the most recent game in the series, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, ended on a massive cliffhanger with Sly lost somewhere in time while his friends all made it back to the present after their adventures with Sly’s raccoon ancestors. With the direction the story has been going, the series could probably be wrapped up with just one more game. The perfect final adventure for Sly Cooper would be to have one last ride side-by-side with his father who he lost as a child. Hopefully it’s something we get to experience on the PS5. 

6) Jak & Daxter


Developed by Naughty Dog, the same company behind iconic PlayStation games such as Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and The Last of Us, Jak & Daxter is one of Sony’s biggest titles from the PS2 era. Jak and his Ottsel best friend had gone on Eco-filled adventures for 3 main games, a racing game, a spin-off centered on Daxter, and a bad sequel made by a different company that fans don’t like to acknowledge. Needless to say, Jak and Daxter have made a huge splash in PlayStation’s history. 

It’s been quite a while since the world has gotten to experience a Jak & Daxter game due to Naughty Dog understandably spending their time developing Uncharted and The Last of Us. Because of this, fans frequently comment on Naughty Dog’s social media posts asking for more Jak & Daxter. The demand is certainly there. Plus, the story was left open-ended with a gang lord escaping in the final cut scene of Jak X: Combat Racing. On top of that, who knows what other dark beings may be lurking around looking for Eco? The gaming world is more than ready for more Jak & Daxter.

7) Heavenly Sword


Heavenly Sword was a launch title for the PS3 that showcased the PS3 controllers motion capabilities and the system’s graphics. The gameplay was very similar to that of God of War, so it was pretty fun. The story followed Nariko, the wielder of the titular Heavenly Sword, as she took on the Raven King and his flunkies in order to defend her kingdom from certain doom. It almost felt like if 300 was written as a Saturday morning cartoon, and it was great! The catch to Nariko using the most powerful sword in existence is that whoever wielded the sword gradually gave up their life source to do so. It led to even higher stakes for the character, and after defeating the Raven King and saving the day, lost her own life to the sword. This could hurt the potential for a sequel, but there is certainly a way it can happen. Perhaps, decades later, a new hero must rise to the occasion and use the Heavenly Sword to fend off evil. As cool as Nariko is, the game is about the Heavenly Sword, after all. This could easily feel like an anthology series centered around the sword.

 There has only been one Heavenly Sword game, which is an absolute crime. It’s time we finally get to play a second one.

8) PaRappa the Rapper


PaRappa the Rapper, a PS1 game about a paper-thin rapping dog, is credited with being the first true rhythm game. We wouldn’t have games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, or Beat Saber without it. It had a simple story of PaRappa trying to win over his crush, but it’s fun gameplay and unique artstyle was enough for it to get a sequel and a guitar-based spin-off game called Um Jammer Lammy. During advertising for the PS1, the mascots chosen to do so were Crash, Spyro, and PaRappa. That’s how popular the game was, at least at the time. PaRappa was considered to be on the same level as Crash and Spyro, but didn’t have the longevity the other two received. 

The rapping rhythm games from Sony’s days of old haven’t seen much love since then, other than the character being playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It has been beyond too much time since PaRappa and his catchy beats have been experienced by gamers, so now is the perfect opportunity to bring the series back. Perhaps Sony could bring it back with an HD collection of the three games, or maybe even a brand new game in the series. We gotta believe! 

9) Ape Escape

ape escape

Speaking of classic PlayStation games, Ape Escape was the first game to use dual analog sticks, which lead to incredibly unique gameplay. The premise centered around travelling through time to capture escaped monkeys with heightened intelligence. It was a fun, 3-D action-platforming series that helped revolutionize gaming. The franchise consisted of several games and spin-offs, but unfortunately, most of them were only released in Japan. 

Ape Escape fans have been getting their nets ready in preparation for the franchise to return for a while, so hopefully we’ll see those pesky monkeys appear on the PS5. This return could be in the form of a remastered version of the old games, an American/worldwide release of the Japan-only released games, or a brand new sequel, and fans would be ecstatic. There has been a trend of HD re-releases lately, like with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy, so why not Ape Escape?

10) Killzone

killzone h

The explosive sci-fi epic is one of the best first first-person shooter series on PlayStation consoles. The everlasting battle against the space Nazis known as the Helghast has been going on since the PS2 era and has continued on until the latest Killzone: Shadowfall on the PS4. Killzone’s developer, Guerrilla Games, has focused their attention on the Horizon series recently, which is more than understandable. However, each Killzone game has thrown new weapons and mechanics into the mix, from giant mechs to controllable drones, so it would be exciting to see what could be added on the PS5. Plus, the war against the Helghast hasn’t truly ended. Seeing at least one Killzone installment on the PS5 would satisfy fans’ needs to see what happens next.  

11) MediEvil


If you’re a fan of hack-and-slash games or creepy-yet-cartoony art style, then you were probably a fan of the MediEvil games, or probably would have been. MediEvil and its sequel followed the adventures of a resurrected skeleton knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque as he fought against the evil wizard Zarok. The original game on the PS1 and its PS2 sequel were all there was to the series until the release of a remake on the PSP and a more recent HD remake on the PS4. 

The PS4 remake of the original game cleans up the physics and graphics to create an experience that fans who grew up with it and newcomers can both enjoy. There is also a way to unlock the original version to play by completing certain tasks. The success of this PS4 remake proves there is a demand for more MediEvil, whether it’s the PS2 sequel getting the HD remake treatment, or a brand new undead adventure. 

12) Uncharted


The popularity of the Uncharted series goes without saying. It’s easily one of Sony’s most beloved series ever. There are four outstanding games and a couple of spin-offs in this Indiana Jones-esque adventure series that follow Nathan Drake and his companions on their treasure hunts. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was obviously a great place to finish off the series. However, there are still fans who want more. 

Uncharted: the Lost Legacy is a fantastic spin-off a.d is the only game in the series that does not have the player take on the role of Nathan Drake. It instead allows gamers to play as Chloe Frazer, another character seen in previous Uncharted games. There could easily be several more spin-off games focused on other Uncharted characters. It would also be obvious Naughty Dog to develop Uncharted 5, which could follow the adventures of Cassie Drake with Nathan filling the Sully role. Either way, the world may not be completely done with Uncharted.

There are endless possibilities for the upcoming PS5, which hits stores this holiday season. It’ll be exciting to see what PlayStation sequels, if any others, will be released on the PS5. 

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