The Last of Us’ Forgotten Multiplayer

The Last of Us released in 2013 and became an instant gaming classic. The apocalyptic action-adventure game is known for its unforgettable single player campaign with an emotional story and brilliant gameplay. The story is so well-crafted that it was even adapted into a live action TV series for HBO Max. However, there is an element of the video game that has become forgotten and isn’t discussed nearly enough, and that is its online multiplayer.

The Last of Us has a particularly unique approach to online multiplayer shooters. Instead of just running around gathering kills, it fully immerses you in this apocalyptic landscape. Instead of simply choosing your favorite loot, you had to actively find supplies and craft which items and weapons you’d want to use in battle. It made the player truly feel like they were competing against a rival group of survivors in the apocalypse. 

There were three different game modes: Supply Raid, Survivors, and Interrogation. Supply Raid was the closest thing to a Call of Duty team deathmatch. Players on teams of four would duke it out until one reached twenty points. Survivors is similar to that but much more interesting. Players still compete on a team of four and fight to the death, but once you’re killed, you’re eliminated from the round. This completely simulated what it feels like to fight to the death against a rival group of survivors. There were no points or coming back.

Then there was Interrogation, which played very differently from the other two modes. Players needed to use their special execution moves in order to “interrogate” opponents so they can find out where their lockbox is being kept. They then needed to use that information to get to the lockbox and loot it in order to win. It was The Last of Us mechanics used in heist gameplay against other other players.

All three multiplayer game modes were incredibly fun and used their own strategies and mindsets. They added even more hours of entertainment to an already perfect video game. The sequel The Last of Us Part II and the remake The Last of Us Part I don’t feature multiplayer of any sort, which is rather tragic. The original game did it so well. Fans of it were hoping to see it explored further when sequels released, but that wasn’t the case. The lack of a multiplayer in the more recent games has definitely played a large role in fans forgetting there was a Last of Us multiplayer at all.

The online multiplayer gameplay was so unique and entertaining that it deserves to be remembered.


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