Knockout City Still Has an Active Community and You Should Be a Part of It

Knockout City is an online multiplayer video game that has teams of three compete against each other in dodgeball. It’s an ongoing game like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Dota 2, but it’s flown under the radar much more than other notable titles. That doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means, though. In fact, it’s extraordinarily fun to play. The problem with an ongoing online game that isn’t quite as heard of, though, is that some may be wary of trying the game out due to a potential lack of playerbase. Thankfully, Knockout City still has a strong community even a year after its initial release. On top of that, it’s a fantastic gaming community that more people should be a part of. 

As previously mentioned, Knockout City is a dodgeball video game. However, each team isn’t stuck on one side of a court like traditional dodgeball. This game allows players to compete in open environments similar to shooters, but using dodgeballs instead of weapons. Like actual dodgeball, though, you actually need to pick up the dodgeballs from the floor rather than starting out with them. With uniquely designed arenas that each feature their own gimmick, like a spaceship-themed fast food restaurant with rotating platforms or a construction site with a wrecking ball to watch out for, and various types of dodgeballs like the Multi Ball or the Boomerang Ball, each match feels different from the last. 

Knockout City greatly stands out from other online multiplayers and shooters. It feels competitively without ever taking itself too seriously. It’s also easy to play casually and goof off. The meta is wildly different from other games for several reasons. Being able to dodge and catch the balls, judging when to use trick shots, and even controlling how hard balls are thrown all work together to create exciting split-second decision making. Plus, the gameplay is extremely team oriented. Players can pass to their teammates, roll into balls themselves to be thrown by their teammates, and even assist their teammates by shoving opponents to drop their balls or distract them. It’s overall an incredibly creative game that’s not about mindless shooting to wrack up the highest number of kills. It’s just really good, clean fun. Despite there being a good amount of strategy and meta involved, it still manages to be an approachable game for anyone. 

The cartoony, futuristic aesthetic, which is seen in the level design and the customizable characters, helps to give the game a fun and upbeat tone. Even when competing for victory, it’s difficult to ever feel upset about losing thanks to the fun atmosphere and wacky gameplay. Plus, customizable items like clothing for characters, taunts, profile icons, and win/defeat animations are almost constantly being unlocked, making the player feel like they’ve accomplished something. 

Most importantly, there’s a playerbase that’s so active that matchmaking is shockingly quick. There are online games that are even more heard of than Knockout City that are difficult to find a match in because their playerbases have fallen off. That’s thankfully not the case for Knockout City. On top of that, the game’s community isn’t toxic whatsoever. When looking at other games, players either scream and swear at each other in their squabbles over who can get more kills or which weapons or characters are overpowered, or they incessantly complain about any updates or changes made to the game. 

That couldn’t be further from the case with Knockout City. The community for the game is quite wholesome. The subreddit and discord server, among other social media pages for the game, are filled with people trading stories of matches, looking to team up and play with each other, joking about the game, and making memes. It’s quite nice to see an online gaming community that’s not run by aggression. 

Knockout City may be far from the most popular online multiplayer game, and many of you may not have even heard of it, but if you or someone you know is looking for a fun, active, non-toxic gaming community, then hop into Knockout City, and recreate that nostalgic feeling of gathering other kids in your neighborhood to play some dodgeball (without the fear of actually getting hit in the face). 

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