Ralph Breaks the Internet Should’ve Been a Disney Princess Avengers Movie

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the sequel to the animated hit Wreck-It Ralph and follows Ralph and Vanellope’s adventures as they step outside of their arcade and explore the vast world of the Internet. It’s certainly an enjoyable movie, but could have easily been better. Despite being entertaining, it’s unfocused and even contradicts certain elements of the first film. That being said, something that does work rather well in the movie is seeing each of the Disney Princesses together. 

The film prominently features every Disney princess, from Snow White and Aurora to Merida and Tiana, living together at the “Oh My Disney” website. The scene is filled with witty dialogue, great emotional beats, and enjoyable fan-service. This appearance from these fan-favorite characters was one of the primary focuses of the advertising leading up to the movie, and was one of the main talking points after its release. They even stole some of the spotlight away from Ralph, the titular character. 

The princesses make another appearance during the third act of the film in which they use their special abilities superhero-style to take on a giant Ralph monster to rescue Ralph and Vanellope. This scene is extremely fun and feels like a Disney Princess Avengers movie. That begs the question: why isn’t there a feature-length Disney Princess team-up movie? 

Ralph Breaks the Internet absolutely should have been separated into multiple different movies. One should have been a proper Wreck-It Ralph sequel that still focused on the arcade games while another could have been that Disney Princess film. Not only are the princesses some of the most marketable characters in Disney’s lineup, but they’re adored by fans, allow for entertaining interactions, and have plenty of memorable villains they could go up against. Plus, strong female representation is always needed. Where many of these characters were originally “damsels in distress,” it’ll be cool to see them kick some butt. 

Like Avengers or Justice League, each princess getting the chance to showcase their powers and abilities would provide audiences with an incredibly fun moviegoing experience. Snow White could sing to summon animals. Rapunzel would be able to use her hair to swing and to battle foes. Moana could come equipped with her oar and personified ocean water. Jasmine’s pet tiger would be riveting to see in the mix. Let’s not forget Merida’s bow, Elsa’s ice powers, Vanellope’s glitch abilities, and Mulan’s sword being perfect for combat. Belle would be the brains of the bunch thanks to her expansive book knowledge. 

As previously mentioned, there’s no shortage of villains for them to team up against. From Maleficent to Ursela, they’ve already taken on plenty of threats who could rear their heads once again. It could even give Disney the opportunity to revisit underused villains like Chernabog from Fantasia. Plus, original foes could be just as interesting and exciting. 

It’s almost impossible to not see a film like this becoming incredibly successful. They could even use it to launch a shared universe of movies and Disney+ series like they do with Marvel and Star Wars

It’s about time the Princesses do the rescuing. 

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