Psycho Goreman is the Wackiest and Most Fun Movie You’ve Never Seen

Have you ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed Power Rangers and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and made it into a live action horror-comedy movie? You probably haven’t, but it now exists in the form of Psycho Goreman. 

Psycho Goreman hit several film festivals in 2020, and was then picked up by Shudder, the horror streaming service. It follows the lives of two children who accidentally resurrect an ancient alien overlord who wields the darkest powers in the galaxy. Because of a magical gemstone that they found when they released him from his eternal prison, the little girl known as Mimi has full control over this master of darkness and bringer of chaos as long as she holds the stone. 

All Psycho Goreman (or PG) wants to do is unleash destruction onto everyone in the universe and kill those around him, but he can’t because he’s controlled by a child. When he does get to kill, it’s as bloody and gorey as you’d hope, and he kills and tortures his victims in some rather creative ways, like keeping a man alive forever in severe pain with a distorted body as a form of “art.” 

A shockingly aggressive 11 year-old being able to command a god-like being leads to absolute hilarity. Being a small child, she teaches him about games, love, playing in a rock band, and of course: hunky boys. 

The gore and the contrast between the intense violence and the lighthearted silliness constantly leads to pure cinematic fun, but what allows it to all be as good as it is are the effects. The traditional effects are bloody, disgusting, and realistic-enough when it counts. There are times where it’s not as real-looking, but only during moments where the effects are there to make you laugh. The CGI is only used when needed, and it never breaks immersion. Bones being ripped out of people’s spines to build a sword out of, heads being bashed open, and children being transformed into brain mutants all look fantastic onscreen. 

The fun of the film picks up when other monsters are introduced. There are plenty of unique and creative monster designs that would fit right into the world of Power Rangers. They also shake up the story and allow for more action sequences. There’s something truly demented, yet oddly entertaining, about an alien cyborg spewing blood at the titular character while he’s being brutally beaten. 

The drama between the central family and the rivalry between warring alien races leads to some genuinely interesting conflicts. Despite the movie being truly ridiculous at times, you find yourself fighting for the protagonists and caring for them throughout the story. There are even some surprisingly emotional moments throughout, which are always welcome additions to any film. 

Psycho Goreman’s wacky premise is eerily similar to that of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in which a young boy and girl trick the Grim Reaper into being their best friend for eternity and doing whatever they please. However, it finds its own over-the-top tone, has some of the wittiest dialogue seen in movies in recent years, and focuses on very different characters. Plus, it’s bloodier, weirder, much more adult, and somehow darker. 

Psycho Goreman is a genuinely strange movie, but it’s an absolute blast because of it. Horror Comedy has always been one of the more niche and fun genres out there, but this movie still finds a way to make it feel like something fresh and new. Plus, its inspiration from classic children’s TV shows adds to how over-the-top it feels. If you haven’t seen Psycho Goreman yet, then you’ve been missing out. 

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