The Order: 1886 Deserves a Second Chance

The Order: 1886 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that was released in 2015 that primarily focused on showing off graphical and technical capabilities of the console despite it coming out a couple of years after its launch. The game excelled at showing players what sorts of mechanics were possible with the PS4 and its innovative controller, as well as how great graphics could look in a game. However, due to the gameplay being less-than-desirable, reviews of The Order: 1886 weren’t so stellar. This caused the game to be tossed aside and forgotten by most gamers. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a second chance as a franchise. 

The gameplay may not have been the most ambitious, but it was far from terrible. It was certainly bare-bones and repetitive. There was a lot of walking, interacting with objects in the same few ways, and gunplay that consisted of standing in a single place while shooting. That being said, some of the weapons and mechanics used throughout the game did feel pretty unique and added some excitement to the otherwise repetitive gameplay. 

Other than the bare-bones gameplay, the game was pretty successful with showing off what the console was capable of. While holding certain items, the player could physically move their controller around to cause the in-game character to do the same, showing off what the PS4 controller could do. Also, the game’s graphics were extremely impressive. It’s definitely a great example of what games could look like on the PS4. The characters and environments looked more real than in most games before it. 

Not only were the graphics something to marvel at, but the overall aesthetic of The Order: 1886 was eye-catching and enjoyable. There’s something about dark historical sci-fi that’s just plain fun. It’s another element that stands out from most other big-name games. 

The primary reason The Order: 1886 deserves at least one more chance is its outstanding story. Set in an alternate history in London, where the secretive Order of Knights keep the world safe from werewolves, or “half-breeds,” and an anti-government insurgency, the game takes players to an intriguing world with an exciting conflict. The characters, mostly named after the legendary Knights of the Round Table, were compelling and relatable, and the relationships and conflicts between them were absolutely captivating. The world-building was a lot of fun, and the numerous twists were riveting and surprising. It’s also clear that the developers had more planned, as the story was left open at the end for an intended sequel, leaving gamers with questions and hope that they’ll eventually see what happens next with Grayson and the other Knights. 

There’s also a lot of cool ideas throughout the game and story that help it to stand out, like Nikola Tesla building your character badass electricity-based weapons to battle werewolves. Vampires were also mentioned a few times throughout, but were being saved for future games that never happened. 

Overall, the gameplay being weak shouldn’t be the only reason why a sequel for a game doesn’t get made. Yes, gameplay is the absolute most important part of a video game. However, the gameplay here wasn’t so terrible, plus it offers stellar storytelling, an intriguing world to play in, fun weapons to take on werewolves, and it all looks gorgeous. It does indeed need a sequel so we can finally discover what happens next in the story, but it also deserves one so we can see what the game can be once the gameplay is improved upon. The gunplay could easily be made more fun by incorporating more movement during combat, getting more creative with the environments, and changing up the enemies’ attack patterns. More puzzles could be added to liven up the segments in between the combat. 

Not a whole lot needs to be altered to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Everything else is already there; they just need that final important piece. Video game sequels typically improve on the gameplay from the previous game anyway. The game’s fanbase has only grown since its mediocre release, so enough people will likely be willing to give it a try or even be excited for it. With the riveting story and unique ideas, The Order: 1886 absolutely deserves a second chance and a sequel so the plot can continue and the gameplay can be improved upon.

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