Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Trailer Details

Gremlins 2: The New Batch was released in 1990. Since then, other than cameo appearances in The LEGO Batman Movie, Ready Player One, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and the like, there has been no actual Gremlins content. That’s why it’s particularly exciting that a new animated series is on the way. Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is an upcoming prequel series that will be released on Max (formerly HBO Max) and will explore the origins of how Mr. Wing gained possession of Gizmo years before the events of the original movie.

The trailer was recently revealed and gives some clues as to how the series will be. Let’s explore all the exciting details in said trailer.

Watch the trailer here:

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai | Official Teaser | Max

Sam Wing and His Grandfather

The show will be starring Sam Wing as a small boy and his grandfather. Sam is the future owner of the antique shop where Rand Peltzer purchases Gizmo as a pet for Billy in the movies. This must mean that this series will take place several decades before the events of the classic films. It’s interesting that he seems to have a similar relationship with his grandfather that his grandson will later have with him. Finally, after all these years, we’ll discover how Mr. Wing came into possession of Gizmo in the first place.


Although Sam doesn’t believe in magic (yet), his grandfather tells him that magic is all around them. We see this a handful of times throughout the trailer. The characters will be traveling to a magical realm, crossing paths with mystical creatures, Sam uses a magical sword of some sort, and the villains look to be casting spells. It’s always been clear that the Mogwai stem from magical origins, but this actually confirms it.

Grandpa Recognizes the Mogwai

Sam’s grandfather appears to recognize what a Mogwai is when Gizmo is introduced. He claims that no mortal has seen a Mogwai in centuries, so it does make one wonder how he knows what one is. He’s also extremely concerned, so he must know what a Mogwai can lead to. Perhaps he had a run-in with Mogwai and/or Gremlins that he doesn’t speak of.

Home of the Mogwai

There’s a brief glimpse of the magical land that serves as the home of the Mogwai. There are even a handful of other Mogwai shown here. They all seem to be friendly which is quite nice since Gizmo is the only non-evil Mogwai seen in the movies. Hopefully we get an explanation as to why that is in the series. It’s also quite fascinating that there is a whole village of Mogwai. Why wouldn’t Sam bring Gizmo back here at the end of the series instead of keeping him locked up in his antique shop?

Gizmo’s Name

In the trailer, Gizmo introduces himself as “Gizmo.” Obviously, this is his name. That being said, it was always thought that Rand was the one who named Gizmo in the 80s. That may not be the case anymore. Perhaps he’s named “Gizmo” because it’s just one of the noises he makes, and Rand heard him say it on the way home from the antique shop.

The Gremlins

Sam’s grandfather points out that the Mogwai are able to create dangers. This obviously refers to the Gremlins who are shown wreaking havoc in the trailer. They’re their usual menacing selves as they destroy everything around them and harm anyone nearby. They look incredible. They’re every bit creepy and wacky as they looked in the films, but in animation this time.

Mogwai Rules

The rules of Mogwai ownership seem to be in full force. Gizmo gets water spilled on him and other Mogwai pop out of him. Gizmo hides in a box to avoid sunlight. Since there are Gremlins around, it’s safe to say that someone fed the newly born Mogwai after midnight. Since these rules are key to the original movies, it’s important that the series uses the same rules.


It looks like there are human characters who will serve as villains as well rather than just the Gremlins. One of them is a sorcerer of some kind while others might be his lackeys. They’re after Gizmo, probably to make an army of Gremlins to do their bidding.

The Cast

Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante are both signed on as producers, which is fantastic news as Spielberg produced the original movies while Dante directed them. The cast is stacked with big names like Sandra Oh, B.D. Wong, James Hong, Ming-Na Wen, Bowen Yang, George Takei, and more. The name that really stands out in the trailer, though, is Zach Galligan. Galligan starred as the protagonist, Billy Peltzer, in both Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Where this is a prequel series and takes place several decades before the first film, Billy isn’t even born yet. Will there be a flashforward that will show Billy or will Galligan be playing a new character? That’s something only time will tell.


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