Toughest ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Foes

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took on many monsters and evildoers throughout their three-season run. Some of them were laughably terrible, like the Polluticorn, but others proved to be much bigger threats. The Rangers almost always came up on top, but there were definitely some foes who gave them much more of a challenge. Let’s take a look at which foes proved to be the Rangers’ greatest threats and what made them so tough.


TurbanShell may seem like any other monster created to take on the Power Rangers, but his mighty staff and shell armor make him quite formidable. He played a major role in the successful plot to drain Tommy’s Green Ranger powers. On top of that, he’s the only monster ever to grow on his own without the help of Rita or Zedd which is pretty impressive. If Goldar hadn’t interrupted, TurbanShell may have actually been able to destroy Tommy completely, making him a surprising threat.

Pudgy Pig

On the surface, Pudgy Pig seems like just a comic relief antagonist. However, he managed to strip the Rangers of their weapons. Being the always-hungry pig he is, he devoured them with ease. He may not be the most intelligent villain, but taking away some of the most powerful tools in the Rangers’ arsenal is not something to shrug off.

Terror Toad

Like the Pudgy Pig, Terror Toad is also known for devouring something. Instead of their weapons, though, he eats the Rangers themselves. He eats all but one of them, meaning he came extremely close to defeating all of the Rangers in just one episode. He’s also invulnerable to most attacks except for a small weak point on his neck, making him incredibly hard to fight. This baddie almost put the series to a tragic end before the first season even ended. 

Knasty Knight

Knasty Knight is so nasty that he attacks Zack on his birthday of all days. He’s one of the few monsters of Rita’s who has an actual backstory of his own, and that backstory is terrifying. It involves him stealing a weapon from Zordon’s former soldiers and even defeating the mightiest heroes on other planets. Not only is he strong enough that he has actually succeeded in wiping out teams of heroes, but he’s able to deflect the Rangers’ attacks back at them. The Rangers may have been able to beat him, but doing so definitely proved to be one of the most challenging feats they accomplished.

Ivan Ooze

Ivan Ooze is so much of a threat that he served as the primary antagonist of a theatrically-released movie. He succeeded in stripping the Rangers of their powers, forcing them to go on a journey to obtain new powers just to beat him. He’s also able to temporarily subdue Rita and Zedd, which is no easy feat. Ivan is even able to hypnotize most of the citizens of Angel Grove, which no other villain has truly accomplished. He’s one of the few villains who has his own army of minions that aren’t the Putties, and it’s probably because he’s so powerful that he’s worth bowing down to. His oozy powers were almost too much for the Rangers to handle.


Goldar is probably the enemy who the Power Rangers fought against most frequently. Time and time again, he battled the Rangers, and each time he avoided getting destroyed. He’s the most powerful soldier who serves under Rita’s rule, is skilled with a sword, wears near-impenetrable armor, and can fly using his massive wings. He pilots a Zord of his own, Cyclopsis, that is so powerful it’s able to destroy parts of the MegaZord. Goldar also served as the primary rival of Tommy Oliver and came close to beating him on multiple occasions. He’s so tough that he even continued to fight the Rangers after the events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Rito Revolto

Rito Revolto is the brother of the evil space witch Rita Repulsa. He’s usually portrayed as a dimwit, but is still a master strategist in battle. He’s also one of the best fighters on Rita’s side. Rito is responsible for destroying the ThunderZords and the Command Center, which is a truly devastating blow to the Rangers. It’s no surprise he became one of Rita and Zedd’s leading generals.

Master Vile

Master Vile is the father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, so he’s obviously extremely powerful. What makes him especially scary is that his evil schemes actually work. He turns the Rangers into small children and successfully takes over Angel Grove, which is something no other monster could accomplish. He even throws a party for all monsters in the youth center to celebrate and rub it in. Master Vile is positively diabolical, and his powers are almost unmatched.

Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd is one of the primary antagonists of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and for good reason. His lightning powers are not only strong, but they have some rather overpowered properties. With the use of his lightning, he can teleport as far as other planets and turn just about any object into a monster. He can even create a monster out of absolutely nothing. He can even form growth bombs to make monsters grow in an instant. He was able to overthrow Rita and temporarily take her throne and her minions. He’s also a skilled combatant with his trusty Z-Staff. Lord Zedd is just plain terrifying.

Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa is the main villain of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was a thorn in their side for all three seasons and beyond. She leads an evil army against the Rangers and, with the help of her henchman Finster, has created most of the monsters in the series. She’s responsible for finally destroying the Rangers’ Zords and even retook the throne from Zedd by tricking him with a love potion. 

She’s able to always keep an eye on what the Rangers are up to from her base on the moon. Her magic wand allows her to teleport, summon minions, create lightning storms, make her monsters grow, manipulate objects, and fire energy blasts. In the 30th anniversary special, titled “Once & Always,” she kills the Yellow Ranger, making her one of the few who could actually defeat a Power Ranger. She’s easily the biggest bad the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ever faced.


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