What Could Kiri’s Powers Mean in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Avatar: The Way of Water invited fans back to the world of Pandora after thirteen years since the original film. One of the newest additions in the sequel is the character of Kiri who has mysterious powers.

Kiri is the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augestine’s avatar who perished at the end of the first movie and the adopted daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Her conception is still a bit of a mystery, but it has something to do with Eywa and the Tree of Souls. She’s played by Sigourney Weaver, who also played Grace in the original film.

Throughout Avatar: The Way of Water, we see Kiri gradually learn to use abilities that no other Na’vi has. She adapts to being underwater almost immediately, she has visions of the past and where people currently are, and can summon wildlife. She seems to have an especially strong connection with Eywa, like feeling her heartbeat through the grass. Her powers seem to be on a relatively small scale and difficult to control at times, but it’s safe to assume that they may grow along with her. 

These powers that Kiri has definitely feel important, but what exactly do they mean for the series? For this first movie we’ve seen them in, they make Kiri feel like a physical representation of the themes of the connectedness of nature, which is a message heavily used in both movies. It also means that everything the Na’vi believe in regarding Eywa and the Tree of Souls isn’t just blind faith or mythology. It appears that, to some extent, Eywa is very real and is what keeps the planet of Pandora alive and all things living on it connected.

Since there are multiple sequels confirmed, Kiri’s powers will likely grow stronger over time, and she’ll most likely be able to have better control over them. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Kiri and her superpowers play an important role in the war between the Na’vi and the humans (also known as the “sky people”). That being said, there is the possibility that her abilities could become more of a danger for her and her people. She could either use them to accidentally cause destruction or other Na’vi could fear her because of them. Either way, they’ll likely lead to interesting storytelling.

Depending on how these powers of hers do grow, Kiri could become looked at as a deity by the Na’vi. If she’s seen as being more connected to Eywa than others or even seen as performing acts that they thought only Eywa could do, they might have a big reason to start worshiping her. She may very well be the embodiment of Eywa. It’ll be fascinating to see how that plays out if it is the case.

There are seemingly endless possibilities as Kiri’s powers take shape over the course of the film series. Only time will tell what she’ll truly be capable of and what her abilities mean for the franchise as a whole.


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