Sonic Adventure 3 Already Exists, It’s Called Sonic Heroes

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are both highly-regarded entries in the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ video game franchise. They’re the first major 3D entries in the series, added much more storytelling than previous games, introduced major mechanics that would be used going forward, introduced some fan-favorite characters who have become mainstays, and brought in a large portion of the fanbase. It’s no surprise that gamers have been itching for Sonic Adventure 3 to be made ever since. That being said, there is already a Sonic Adventure 3 in a way. It just happens to be called Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Heroes is similar to the Sonic Adventure games in that it’s another 3D, level-based platformer. The primary difference in it, though, is that the player controls teams of three characters at a time instead of just a single character like before. It has its critics, but it’s still an extremely fun game and a welcome addition to the Sonic lineup.

It may have a different title and a gimmick that makes it unique from the Sonic Adventure games, but it’s still essentially Sonic Adventure 3. It’s the third installment in that particular series. It uses the same formula of playing through the game with several different characters who all have their same storylines, and the story continues where Sonic Adventure 2 left off. The plot makes several callbacks to both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, like with Shadow’s backstory being brought up and Amy and Big both mentioning the battle on the Egg Carrier. It was even developed in the same engine and uses similar physics and mechanics.

With all that in mind, it would still be worth getting excited over another Sonic Adventure title if it is ever announced. Any return to that particular story and formula, regardless if it’s Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Heroes, or something else entirely, is undoubtedly needed. That (along with Chao Garden) is probably the number one most sought-after thing that Sonic the Hedgehog fans ask for. Let’s hope that does happen eventually and enjoy Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Sonic Heroes as a trilogy in the meantime.


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