8 of Nintendo’s Most Ignored Franchises

Nintendo is known to keep their attention on their first party franchises by releasing new Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby and games in other successful series every couple of years or so. It seems like there’s always a new installment in some of their mascot series. However, Nintendo does have an unfortunate knack for ignoring some of their beloved video game franchises. Just some of the ones they tend to forget about that desperately need a comeback are listed below.

Kid Icarus

The original Kid Icarus released in 1986, and a sequel followed just a few years later in 1991. The series was eventually revisited with Kid Icarus: Uprising in 2012, but that’s sort of been it, outside of a classic re-release here and there. Each game has the player control the angel known as Pit to battle monsters, protect the Goddess of Light known as Palutena, and save the world from evil mythological entities. The series has included fun platforming and shooting mechanics, overall unique gameplay, and especially great music. It’s been long enough; it’s time Nintendo gives fans a direct sequel to Uprising. The Switch is the perfect console for it.


Nintendo released F-Zero games pretty steadily throughout the 90s and early 2000s, and then just sort of stopped back in 2004. It’s probably one of the most entertaining racing video game series around, but Nintendo doesn’t feel the need to revisit it, sadly. The futuristic and extremely high-speed racing is riveting and can always lead to gamers playing from the edge of their seat. Modern gaming features, like online play and customizability could make a new F-Zero a huge success. Hopefully Nintendo realizes that in the near future.

Star Fox

Star Fox was one of Nintendo’s greatest hits back in the day, but it gradually fell off as the company clearly ran out of ideas for what to do with it. Fox, Falco, and their friends soaring in their Arwing spaceships blasting foes and protecting the galaxy is always exciting. However, Nintendo has recycled the same story arc of Fox defeating Andross to avenge his father a handful of times now. It’s as if they’re too scared to advance the plot anywhere beyond that point. Furthering the story, along with giving the player new vehicles and gadgets to mess around with, is all the series needs to make a very well-deserved comeback.


Punch-Out!! is Nintendo’s popular boxing video game series. Players controlled Little Mac as he fought his way to becoming the ultimate champion by taking on larger-than-life competitors. It was a rather big hit in the arcade and on the NES console. It was revisited on the Wii using its motion controls, similar to the boxing in Wii Sports. The series came to a halt after that, though. The Switch’s Joy-Con would be perfect for a brand new Punch-Out game. It seems like it’s been replaced by ARMS, which isn’t quite the same game and uses its own mechanics. There’s definitely room for both in this video game-filled world.

Wario Land

People may often forget that Wario starred in his own side-scrolling platformer series titled Wario Land. It featured different gameplay than what was seen in the Super Mario platformers, like the ability to crash through walls. There may be a Wario series, WarioWare, that does get Nintendo’s attention from time to time, but the two series are wildly different. Wario Land hasn’t been visited since the Wii era, so fans are certainly due for one. The same can be said for the Wario World 3-D platformer that released back on the GameCube.


Mother (known as EarthBound outside of Japan) is a series of RPGs that have the player play as children with psychic powers against aliens, brainwashed people, and animated objects. The games are known for their emotional storytelling with some memorable humor thrown in. Despite a couple of the characters being prominently featured in the Super Smash Bros. series, this is often considered to be one of the franchises that Nintendo has neglected the most.

Custom Robo

Most of the Custom Robo games only released in Japan, but some managed to see a release in the United States and other countries. The Custom Robo series is comprised of action games that allow players to beat up bad guys as robots that they get to collect and customize. Throughout each game, players can get creative with which weapons and armor they add on to be used in battle. This is one series that could have kept adding more and getting bigger over time: more weapon upgrades, bigger battle arenas, and more robots to fight as. But alas, there’s no sign of Nintendo paying any more attention to this one.


Excitebike is an absolute classic from 1984. Many folks might have realized it, but there were sequels, like Excite Truck and Excitebike: World Rally. However, it’s been well over a decade since this gem of a series has gotten any sort of attention. There are countless ways a new installment in the Excitebike series can be made well. Not only could it serve as a great racing game, but there could be loads of fun challenge maps and minigames included. A new Excitebike could lead to an interesting venture for the iconic gaming company.


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