Top 10 Jurassic Park/World Dino-Snacks

The Jurassic movie franchise is known for its smart commentary and outstanding visual effects. It also happens to be the perfect series to see people being munched on by dinosaurs in creative ways. As much fun as it is to discuss the philosophical themes in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films, it’s also extremely entertaining to see someone be made into a giant lizard’s meal.

Here are just some of the best dino-snack moments in the Jurassic Park/World movies.

10) Clever Girl (Jurassic Park)

Muldoon was the game warden at Jurassic Park, and with his hunting expertise and skills with weaponry, thought he was above any of the creatures they kept on the island. However, the hunter was outhunted when a velociraptor snuck up on him from the side. His last words, “Clever girl,” would become a surprisingly memorable line that delves into meme territory. This scene gives payoff for previous foreshadowing when Alan Grant explains that Velociraptors attack from the side. Plus, it proves that the dinosaurs are much smarter than people originally thought. 

9) Interrogation Team-Up (Jurassic World: Dominion)

This is a rare moment of dinosaurs (unknowingly) helping a human character. Rainn Delacourt was a mercenary hired to kidnap Maisie Lockwood. Owen Grady tracked him down and interrogated him to find out where Maisie was being taken. Thankfully, Owen had the help of a couple of hungry dinos that were chained up nearby. Each dinosaur starts munching down on one of Delacourt’s hands, holding him down, allowing Owen to get the answers he’s looking for. Delacourt is finished off by a third dinosaur chomping on his head. It’s like Owen and that third dino played “Good Cop/Bad Cop” in the most hilarious and satisfying of ways.

8) Raincoat Guy Almost Made It (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

While a small mercenary team recovers DNA samples of the fallen Indominus Rex on Isla Nublar, they’re chased off the island by the dinosaurs who roam there. One poor raincoat-wearing individual doesn’t quite make it out, though. He’s chased by the queen of all dinosaurs, the T-Rex, who swings their escape helicopter around by the ladder. The ladder breaks, and Raincoat Guy thinks he’s home safe before the Mosasaurus leaps from the water to devour him in one gulp. First he practically has a heart attack from being chased by the T-Rex, then is given false hope before becoming fish food.

7) Like Mother, Like Child (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a villain getting their comeuppance, and that’s exactly what happened to Peter Ludlow, the CEO of InGen. This guy still wanted to open a Jurassic Park location in San Francisco even after watching all of his employees get eaten by dinosaurs. It’s only fitting that he met one the most satisfying ends in the second movie. After taunting a baby T-Rex, the momma dino came in for backup. She injured Ludlow’s leg to immobilize him, then taught the baby the proper way to hunt her prey. Momma T-Rex then watched on proudly as her child enjoyed a delicious meal.

6) There is Strength in Numbers (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

Speaking of comeuppance, the karmic justice that Dieter Stark received in The Lost World: Jurassic Park is almost unmatched. He played the jerk role throughout much of the film’s story, including zapping the Compsognathus with a cattle prod early on. Later, his dirty deeds came back to haunt him when a pack of these tiny critters ate him to death, one miniature bite at a time. He wanted to give them a reason to fear man, but they proved that even the smallest of dinosaurs are worth being feared.

5) Cooked Before Being Eaten (Jurassic World: Dominion)

There were plenty of scumbags working in the dinosaur black market in Jurassic World: Dominion, and quite a few of them got what was coming to them. One in particular became a rather toasty dino-snack. During an exciting action sequence at the black market in Malta, Owen faced off against Rainn Delacourt and some of his goons. Within all the commotion, a loose dinosaur let out a mighty roar, scaring one of these black market dealers into an open flame. Then, if you keep an eye on the background, you can see his burning body being devoured by the dinosaur, as well as his buddy who tried saving him. It must have been nice for this dino to get a break from eating raw meat all the time. These guys did the crime, now they’re doing the time… in the belly of a giant lizard.

4) Split in Two (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

One of the fun gimmicks that made The Lost World: Jurassic Park stand out from the original Jurassic Park was that there were two adult T-Rex’s in the movie. This made the scenario doubly terrifying for the characters, but there needed to be a time where that detail is taken advantage of. That scene happens to be the tragic demise of Eddie Carr. The two monstrous beasts lift him into the air from each end Lady and the Tramp style, but they don’t meet in the middle like the adorable Disney classic. Instead, they rip him completely in half and share their meal. The poor guy didn’t deserve such a brutal end, but there’s no doubt it made for an entertaining scene.

3) Air and Sea (Jurassic World)

Zara wasn’t the kindest or most caring character in the franchise, but she certainly didn’t deserve one of the most brutal demises. That being said, it’s outrageously entertaining. While Jurassic World is under attack by the Pterosaurs that broke free from the aviary, one lifted Zara into the air by one of them, dropped into the clutches of another one, and then thrown into the Mosasaurus pool. A Pterosaur then grabs her with its beak from under the water to carry her away. By now, a couple of her bones were probably broken, but she was technically still alive. It wasn’t for long, though, as the Mosasaurus then snatched her (and her Pterosaur captor) out of the air in one gigantic bite. This scene is horrific enough to scar those kids for life, but it was definitely riveting to see as a moviegoer.

2) Blind-sided (Jurassic Park)

The computer expert Dennis Nedry was the original human antagonist and the primary reason why things initially went wrong in the park. He needed a special kind of demise for his actions, and he ended up receiving one of, if not the most iconic death scenes in the series. The Dilophosaurus caught him while he was trying to escape with the fake shaving cream can containing dinosaur DNA to sell on the black market, raised its frills, and spit venom directly in Dennis’s eyes. Then, when he was blinded, proceeded to trap him in his own car and gorge on his flesh. This has become one of the most iconic scenes in the series, and it’s clear to see why. It’s a unique movie death, it’s scary, it’s satisfying comeuppance, and the effects are outstanding. Perhaps Nedry shouldn’t have been so short-sighted with his evil schemes.

1) Occupied! (Jurassic Park)

The dino-chomping moment that people talked about the most back in the 90s was probably when Donald Genarro got what was coming to him. Genarro was a greedy lawyer who was more than fine with John Hammond opening the park and risking lives so he could fill his own pockets. He was also scummy enough to abandon the children to fend for themselves while he ran and hid, so what happened to him right after was well-deserved. While cowering in fear in a bathroom stall, a T-Rex destroyed the structure around him, leaving nothing but him sitting on a toilet. The T-Rex then effortlessly snatches him off the toilet hoping for a tasty treat. Unfortunately, he must not have tasted very good because his remains were spit out. This scene was suspenseful, satisfying, and absolutely hilarious. Plus, it properly shows off that, even though Jurassic Park can be thought-provoking and that it helped revolutionize how films were made, it can also offer some ridiculous fun. 

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