Ghostbusters is Making One Heck of a Comeback

Back in the 1980s, Ghostbusters was one of the biggest franchises around. There were two live action films and a couple of animated series. Then, suddenly, it all stopped. There was barely a spec of Ghostbusters media for decades (outside of an underrated video game). There was an attempt to revitalize the franchise back in 2016 with a movie reboot that was simply titled Ghostbusters like the original film. However, it wasn’t very well-received critically and it bombed financially.

It seems that in more recent years, though, that Ghostbusters is making a massive comeback. Sony Pictures formed Ghost Corps, a production company meant to oversee the Ghostbusters media franchise. That immediately tells fans and audiences that they’re planning on doing much more with the IP, which is promising.

In 2021, a new film came to the big screen called Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Ghostbusters: Afterlife was the perfect way to breathe new life into the series. It continued the canon that was set up back in the 80s rather than starting from scratch like the 2016 film did. That being said, it still manages to feel like a fresh start by adding a new cast of characters, making it a perfect movie for long time fans and newcomers. It’s also an overall great coming of age story with spooky ghosts and sci-fi themes. It gave fans hope for the future of Ghostbusters.

In 2022, Sony held a “Ghostbusters Day” celebration on the anniversary of the original film. With this came plenty of exciting announcements. A new animated Ghostbusters series will be coming to Netflix with Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan at the helm. An in-canon limited Ghostbusters comic book series was in the works at Dark Horse. A Ghostbusters VR game is in the works, as well as an online multiplayer Ghostbusters game called Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed that looks particularly incredible. There are multiple films being developed; one is an animated feature and the other is the next live action installment that will directly follow Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The Afterlife follow-up is currently being nicknamed “Firehouse,” which fans are speculating means that the Spangler family will be heading to New York City where the original two movies took place. What makes the upcoming Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed game so intriguing is that it will allow four players to take on the roles of Ghostbusters while one player plays as the ghost they’re trying to hunt down, essentially making it a full Ghostbusters experience. Plus, Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd will be reprising their iconic roles for the game. 

It certainly appears that Sony has realized they’re sitting on one of the greatest IPs to ever grace the entertainment industry and they finally decided to do something promising with it. With new Ghostbusters titles coming to TV, comic books, movies, and video games, fans of the iconic series have plenty to look forward to. For those who have been waiting years for new and good Ghostbusters content, that wait is finally over.

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