Uncharted 5 Can Still Happen With Cassie Drake

The Uncharted video game series has given the world several extremely fun treasure hunting, puzzle-solving platforming adventure games that allow gamers to explore a world similar to that of Indiana Jones. The stories, characters, and revolutionary game mechanics have led to the series becoming absolutely beloved. However, the series’ protagonist, Nathan Drake, had his treasure-hunting days come to a bittersweet end in the last mainline installment. Could and should the series continue despite the main character calling it quits? The short answer is: yes.

Just because the last game is titled A Thief’s End, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the franchise. Nathan Drake, and his wife Elena, may be enjoying their retirement, but the heartfelt ending also introduced fans to their daughter, Cassie. This was likely just to show how much the two adventurers have settled down, but does open the door for the series to potentially be carried on.

There could easily be an Uncharted 5 centered on a more grown up Cassie Drake as the main character following in her parents’ footsteps. Naughty Dog could either have Nate take over Sully’s role as the older mentor character, or they could retire him completely so Uncharted 4 still feels like an ending of sorts. Either would work for Nate stepping aside and allowing for someone new to take the reigns of the franchise.

There have been many people online who have expressed that they’d prefer the series to be completely finished because of how Uncharted 4 ended. Nate and Elena promised themselves that they would be done with the guns and illegal treasure hunts and only explore areas and dig up what they have permits for. They basically became archeologists rather than thieves. That makes sense for the series ending and is something that wouldn’t necessarily make for the most fun gaming experience. Obviously, they wouldn’t have raised their daughter to be a thief like Nate was originally and she wouldn’t want to do away with what her parents put in place. 

It’s understandable that many might not want to see a Cassie Drake-led Uncharted game for that reason, but it can still work. Cassie could grow up to be a renowned archeologist who does everything by the books and never gets involved with the thief business or all the guns, but is then forced to learn some combat when a group of criminals put others’ lives at stake to steal whatever artifacts she’s searching for. That way, she’s not going against the new rules her parents set up, the game can have plenty of action, and the story of her discovering more of what her parents did and went through would be extremely entertaining. 

Using Cassie Drake as the playable protagonist is the perfect way to carry on the Uncharted series. The concern that some may have about it is absolutely valid and understandable, but Naughty Dog could easily go about it without tarnishing the perfect ending of Uncharted 4


  1. Oh gosh yes! I would love to play as Cassie and the idea of the plot bent something centered more on her being forced into something makes sense, she would want to respect what her parents talked taught her, so the idea of a grown up Cassie, like maybe 19 or 23, going out on adventures while being aware of everything she has learned from her father’s journey ( and Elena too!) would be great! Love this article!

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