Scott Pilgrim: Ramona Flowers’ Evil Exes Ranked

The Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series and its live action movie adaption, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, allowed fans to follow the lives of a group of twenty-somethings as they battle for love and figure out life. The central conflict had Scott fight the evil exes of his love interest, Ramona Flowers, in order to date her. Although they’re all evil as their title suggests, they do vary in what they offer to the story, to the fight scenes, and what they mean to the other characters. Here’s a ranking of each member of the “League of Evil Exes” and how cool, interesting, and plot-important they are. 

7) Ken Katayanagi

The Katayanagi twins don’t get a single line of dialogue in the film (although they do take part in one of the best action sequences with the “Amp vs. Amp Battle”). They’re much more interesting in the graphic novel, and they actually speak. They send several robots to attack Scott throughout the fifth book, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, which are surprisingly easily smashed to bits by Scott. The robots are cool, but not much of a threat. There’s even a couple of moments when Scott effortlessly battles them in the background of panels where other story is taking place. The twins manage to put up a good fight against Scott when they do fight him in person, but that’s because he’s at his lowest point emotionally. Scott is still able to whoop both their butts despite being outnumbered. 

Compared to Kyle, Ken has no real personality outside of being the brother who wears darker clothes. Ramona cheating on him with his brother must have been brutal, and is a solid reason for him to turn “evil,” but he never feels like much of a character in either version. 

6) Kyle Katayanagi

Like his brother, Kyle doesn’t get any dialogue in the movie, and hides behind his (awesome) robots throughout most of the fifth book. When he and his twin actually fight against Scott, they lose despite having the numbers advantage. Again, Ramona cheating on him with his own brother is a fine motive for becoming “evil,” but doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of story in either version.

Judging by his attire, Kyle has the “brighter” personality of the two, even though they’re both extremely arrogant. That’s the only real reason he’d rank higher than Ken. The twins make for a great Double Dragon reference and have some cool moves, but don’t do too much to stand out. 

5) Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee is a skateboarder-turned-movie star and is overall just kind of a dudebro. In both the movie and the graphic novel, he’s proven to be a formidable foe in combat. He’s strong and a capable fighter due to his training for his action movie roles. However, he prefers to have his stunt team do all the work for him while he smokes on the sidelines. His relationship with Ramona was short lived when she quickly left him to date Todd Ingram. 

He may not have cool powers like many of the other evil exes, but he does have some humorous lines and would have been a massive threat if he wasn’t so easily outsmarted by Scott. Lucas also represents a very real type of person who’s similar to the toxic exes of a lot of people, which is (obviously) the point. 

4) Matthew Patel

Matthew Patel is probably one of the most entertaining evil exes in all of Scott Pilgrim. He sings, dances, and has hilarious dialogue and incredible mystical powers. He can levitate, throw fireballs, and summon a horde of Demon Hipster Chicks who do his bidding. He’s also used to introduce the central conflict of Scott having to fight Ramona’s seven evil exes, which makes him important to the plot of both the graphic novel and the film. 

With all that being said, Scott defeats him without even fully understanding why they are fighting. The Demon Hipster Chicks don’t do a whole lot either. He and Ramona only dated for two weeks when they were young, and he carried that with him all the way to adulthood. That’s just plain weird. He has no reason to carry that grudge, and the source of his magical powers and the Demon Hipster Chicks remains a mystery. 

3) Gideon Graves

Gideon “G-Man” Graves is the big-bad of Scott Pilgrim. He’s the final boss of the story. He’s a genius inventor, a business-savvy music mogul, and a perfect metaphor for being an emotional abuser. In the film, we don’t get to see much of what he’s capable of, but still uses a device to keep Ramona under his control. In the sixth graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, he’s seen to be able to manipulate Subspace and people’s memories. This is gaslighting on an extreme and literal level. He manipulates Scott’s friends into working for him. He develops and uses the Glow to control Ramona’s mind. He’s easily the biggest scumbag, making him a villain you just gotta hate. 

He also uses Subspace to transform himself into a Godlike being, making him an almost-unbeatable monster. Before that, he’s extremely skilled with a sword. Gideon is the key to a lot of the story, adds a lot to the action sequences, and is a perfect jerk to hate. He’s just so disgustingly skeezy. 

2) Roxie Richter 

Roxie Richter is Ramona’s fourth evil ex and easily the most sympathetic. Ramona dated her when she was questioning her sexuality. This led to Roxie, who very much had feelings for Ramona, feeling used and being hurt. She’s the only evil ex who doesn’t want revenge on Ramona and the two actually get along quite nicely (moreso in the graphic novels). In the fourth graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim Gets in Together, it’s made clear that she primarily wants to kill Scott because she thinks he’s cheating on Ramona and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Not only is she a character actually worth caring about, but she also has some of the most quotable lines in either version. 

Plus, Roxie is an absolute badass. She can travel through Subspace and was even the one who taught Ramona how to do it. She can also move at ninja-like speed, teleport, and uses a chain whip and a sword during combat. It’s worth noting that she was born on the moon, which is pretty darn cool. 

1) Todd Ingram 

Ramona’s third evil ex, Todd Ingram, is probably Scott’s biggest rival outside of Gideon (or himself). Todd and Ramona dated for an extended period of time (unlike many of the other exes), and only broke up when they both moved. He was also dating Envy Adams, Scott’s ex-girlfriend who broke his heart, when he first met him. He even plays bass in his band, the Clash at Demonhead, like Scott does for Sex Bob-Omb. He’s a jerk who is a lot like Scott, which is where the reader/viewer begins to see that Scott himself may be a bit of a toxic person as well, which means he marks the beginning of Scott’s character development to an extent. He’s by far the evil ex with the funniest one-liners, making him an incredibly entertaining character. Todd is so vital to the overall plot, Scott’s development, Ramona’s past, and Envy’s path to finding who she wants to be, that he appears in the second graphic novel before finally being defeated in the third. 

Todd is one of the most powerful evil ex due to his psychic vegan powers that grant him telekinetic abilities. This allows him to be perfect for action sequences. He even punched a hole in the moon for Ramona. In the graphic novels, Scott faces off against him in three different fights rather than just the one, which only furthers how much of a threat he is. Plus, Brian Lee O’Malley has even stated that Todd is the evil ex he had the most fun writing and drawing, and it certainly shows. If you come across Todd Ingram in a fight, you might be dust by Monday. 

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