Stories Marvel’s What If…? Should Cover Next

What If…? is one of the many Marvel series on Disney+, and is the first animated series to be set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It asks the important question of “what if…?” and features various stories of what would have happened in the MCU if something was changed. The series gave us answers to questions like “What if Ultron won?” and “What if Thor were an only child?” There are countless possibilities as to where other episodes could go with this premise. Let’s explore just some other “what if” questions that would be intriguing to see handled in the show. 

What if Nebula was Thanos’ Favorite?

It’s clear that Thanos plays favorites with Gamora and Nebula. This has led him to forcing robotic upgrades onto Nebula in order to improve her until she’s on Gamora’s level. What if it were the other way around and Nebula was the favorite? Would Nebula stay by Thanos’ side and try to rule the galaxy alongside him? Perhaps this will lead Gamora to being a darker character. This would also heavily affect the dynamic between the Guardians of the Galaxy, if they would still form. Peter Quill may not have met the love of his life. Maybe she and Gamora would simply just have traded places but everything else would be the same. Nebula being the favorite instead of Gamora certainly opens up the possibilities for many events and characters to be changed. 

What if Loki Didn’t “Kill” Phil Coulson?

We know that Phil Coulson wasn’t truly killed off during the events of The Avengers, as he went on to lead the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thanks to Project TAHITI. That being said, his supposed demise is what motivated the Avengers to rally together and work as a team to save New York City. If Coulson left his encounter with Loki unscathed, would the Avengers have started working as a team? If not, then it’s possible that Loki could have won. Loki ruling the world would have certainly made the rest of the MCU quite different, but potentially very interesting. 

What if Yinsen Wore the Mark 1 Armor?

In the beginning of the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark is held prisoner in a cave with a doctor named Yinsen. Yinsen helps Tony build the original Iron Man armor, but doesn’t make it out alive as Stark uses the suit to battle his way to safety. Yinsen is a smart and goodhearted guy. He’d be willing to use the armor and his smarts to help others, maybe even more than Tony. If Stark slapped that armor on Yinsen instead of himself, would Yinsen have become Iron Man? If so, he’d likely find different ways of going about helping people. He’d also be much more selfless. That being said, would time travel have been figured out if Tony wasn’t in the picture? This would be an entertaining alternate timeline to see. 

What if Nick Fury Called Captain Marvel Sooner?

Nick Fury had a beeper that he could use to call upon Captain Marvel since the 90s. She’s quite obviously one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU’s roster, yet he still waited a few decades before summoning her. What if he gave her a call when Loki attacked New York or when Ultron destroyed Sokovia? It’s a safe assumption that there would have been less casualties. If she was there to help save Sokovia, maybe Zemo would have never been a threat. This would have greatly changed the course of Captain America: Civil War and the films that followed. It could have also meant that some villains would have upped the ante when taking on the Avengers. 

What if Korg’s Rebellion Didn’t Fail?

In Thor: Ragnarok, Korg tells Thor that he has already attempted a rebellion against the Grandmaster, but it failed because he simply didn’t make enough pamphlets. Imagine what would have happened if this rebellion of his took off, though. Thor and Hulk would have both landed on a planet that’s run very differently. Korg clearly gets along with Thor and doesn’t seem too fond of the forced gladiator battles. Perhaps Thor could have quickly befriended Korg and used his army to take on Hela. If this were the case, then Asgard could have been spared and the Asgardians wouldn’t have been stuck in Thanos’ path in the opening of Avengers: Infinity War. Plus, Korg being a leader honestly just sounds like hilarious fun. This could have also allowed Marvel Studios to lean more heavily into the “Planet Hulk arc, which is extremely entertaining. 

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