Movies and Series PlayStation Productions Should Create Next

With the release of the Uncharted movie, we saw our first glimpse of how PlayStation Productions, the studio tasked by Sony to bring their biggest video games to the big screen, plans to create fantastic experiences for audiences and fans. This production studio is also already working on other projects based on beloved PlayStation video games including TV series based on The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and God of War, and a rumored Ghost of Tsushima movie. It’s a safe bet that they have plenty of other movies and series planned to be made eventually. 

There are quite a few PlayStation games that could easily make for incredible movies or TV shows. Here are just some that they could focus on next. 

Jak & Daxter

Jak & Daxter lends itself to being the perfect buddy adventure film. If an adaptation is animated, the updated style could be outstanding. If it’s live action, the visual effects could be Oscar-worthy. With each video game sequel changing its style from a fantasy island adventure to a futuristic city and even to a desert wasteland, a movie series based on them would feel fresh and new with every installment. 

Jak, Daxter, and their friends are all memorable characters who would be entertaining to see on the big screen, the action would be a ton of fun, and the story is so good that even general audiences would be entertained. If Naughty Dog isn’t making a new Jak & Daxter game any time soon, we might as well revisit the characters in a movie series. 

Sly Cooper

Each Sly Cooper game already has a story that is told episodically, so it would translate perfectly to an animated series. If each game in the series is adapted into a season, that would make for a solid 4 to 5 season run. Heists are almost always suspenseful and fun to see in movies and TV shows, and that’s what Sly Cooper is all about. 

Sly, Bentley, Murray, and the rest of the gang working together to nab treasure from some evil-doers would allow for nail-biting entertainment. Plus, a teaser trailer exists for a Sly Cooper movie that was never actually made, and it shows how well the iconic characters can be adapted to animation outside of the games. The Sly Cooper games follow an exciting and unique story which must be seen on TV or in a movie. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s beautiful open world and vibrant visuals would be absolutely incredible to see on the big screen. The various creative designs of the machines would add to how fantastic a big budget Horizon film would look. The characters are so memorable and the world-building is so in depth that it could rival that of The Matrix or Star Wars. It would satisfy the biggest sci-fi movie fans, even if they aren’t gamers themselves. 

Let’s not forget how exciting the action in a Horizon movie could be. Hunting down hulking robotic beasts while discovering more and more about the Old Ones would be riveting. 

LittleBIG Planet

An animated movie based on the world of LittleBIG Planet is an absolute must. After films like The LEGO Movie reached massive success, there’s no reason for something similar to be done with LittleBIG Planet. The video game series encourages creativity, which would make for the perfect theme for a feature length movie or film series. Plus, Sackboy is just plain adorable and must be introduced to general audiences. 

A LittleBIG Planet film has the potential to be one of the most whimsical animated movies ever made. It’s also worth noting that each mainline game in the series features a different story and antagonist that could easily be played with on the big screen. PlayStation needs to allow us to see this incredible world brought to theaters. 


World War II movies and space movies both sell. Why not combine them? The Killzone games follow a suspenseful and emotional story that is essentially space World War II at its core. Imagine Star Wars with giant mechs and more massive explosions. The characters are compelling to see on their journey as they battle against the evil Helghast. 

The most recent game in the franchise, Killzone: Shadowfall, even introduces a side of the canon that focuses on complicated ethical choices instead of just the simple “good vs. evil” plot seen previously in the series. With the intense action, interesting story, and brilliant visuals, there’s no way a Killzone movie series could fail. 


It’s no secret that superhero movies are still ruling the box office. PlayStation could easily cash in on this current fad with a superhero movie of their own. Infamous is especially interesting as its protagonist, Cole Macgrath, can be seen as a superhero or villain depending on the choices the player makes. Of course, there can’t be choices made during the movie the same way there are in the video games, but it would be fascinating to see that used as an internal struggle for Cole. 

A superhero film focusing on a Kylo Ren-level internal conflict could stand out from the gratuitous superhero flicks that release each year. Plus, Cole’s lightning powers and the baddies he fights would be wildly entertaining to see on the silver screen. 

PlayStation Productions appears to have some lofty plans to bring iconic video games to life, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be stopping anytime in the near future. It will definitely be exciting to see some of these movies and series made based on these beloved video games. 

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