Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Breakdown

Spider-Man is far from new to the blockbuster movie scene. Since 2002, the webslinger has done exceedingly well at the box office with several different incarnations. Now, Spidey is back on the big screen with another Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance. Last time we saw him in Spider-Man: Far From Home, his secret identity was revealed to the world after being blamed for the death of Mysterio. Now we’ll finally see the outcome of what would seem like an impactful event in Peter’s life. The trailer for this next chapter, Spider-Man: No Way Home, finally released and teases some of the most ambitious elements seen in any Spider-Man film. Let’s take a closer look at every detail in the trailer below. 

The trailer opens with a shot of Peter and MJ lying on a roof. There’s graffiti on this roof in the background that simply reads “Ditko.” This is a nice reference to Steve Ditko, the comic book artist who co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee. 

MJ reads headlines consisting of false information regarding Peter and his abilities. The media is clearly out to demonize Peter even further for whatever reason. It’s not clear why they’re out to get this poor high schooler, especially since he helped save the world from Thanos. Why haven’t they written similar stories about the rest of the Avengers since they’ve likely caused plenty of death and destruction in their battles against evil? 

The media demonizing Peter is taken further when he and MJ swing past digital billboards showcasing that he’s Public Enemy #1 and that J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson continually spouts that Peter is this diabolical Spider-Man (again, even though he helped take down Thanos). We can already tell how stressful this has made Peter’s life. 

The next scene in the trailer shows Peter at a police precinct in handcuffs arguing that he didn’t kill Mysterio. Again, it’s rather strange that Peter is dealing with this for Mysterio’s death but Tony Stark didn’t face any consequences for killing Obadiah Stane and Steve Rogers wasn’t held accountable for the inevitable deaths caused by dropping several Helicarriers on Washington D.C. 

MJ asks Peter if he feels relieved by people knowing he’s Spider-Man. That’s extremely doubtful considering the next few shots include people hounding him when he’s just trying to go to school, literally calling him the Devil, and surrounding him in news helicopters. Peter’s response, “I never wanted to lie to you,” stands out because it truly seems that he cares for her and shows how their relationship has grown. 

The next couple of shots are pretty tragic. Ned and Aunt May are getting caught in the crossfire and being interrogated by police for being affiliated with Peter. This is our first glimpse at the people in Peter’s life being negatively affected by his secret identity being exposed, which is similar to what’s seen in the comics. 

Peter seeks assistance from his buddy Doctor Strange after getting the idea from goofy Halloween decorations. They’re both in New York City and Doctor Strange can use magic, so it’s actually surprising that he didn’t do that earlier. What’s especially odd in the Sanctum Sanctorum is that the interior is covered in snow even though the weather doesn’t seem too bad outside of it. Was this a spell gone wrong or is Strange dealing with a baddie on his own that did this? Either way, Doctor Strange is looking cozy in his sweatshirt and sweatpants with his novelty coffee mug. 

We see a brief glimpse of an intriguing scene where Peter sprints through a crowded room in his Spider-Man suit unmasked. Given the media outrage against him, the patrons must be pretty concerned to see him here. It’s worth noting that his Spidey suit is black. It’s very doubtful that this has anything to do with Venom, so perhaps this means this is the return of Night Monkey! 

Peter asks Doctor Strange to use his powers to make it so that the world never found out that he was Spider-Man. Wong advises Doctor Strange not to cast the spell, but it doesn’t seem like he wants to listen to the warning as he shoots Peter an obvious wink. It seems a little out of character for Doctor Strange to behave so carelessly (even though he was in an accident for texting while driving), but I’ll get more into that later. 

While the spell is being cast, Peter starts having regrets about his aunt, Ned, and MJ not knowing that he’s Spider-Man, but Doctor Strange ensures that the spell doesn’t work like that, and that Peter talking over it can cause some complications with it. Once the spell is cast, we see some visual effects similar to what’s seen when Ant-Man enters the Quantum Realm, when the Watcher introduces us to a new timeline in What If…?, and when the Guardians of the Galaxy hyper jump in their ship. This could mean that they have now jumped to a different timeline or universe. 

The next couple of shots are extremely fun. Instead of Spider-Man swinging from the typical New York City skyscrapers, he’s jumping from building to building while they’re folding and warping using the effects from Doctor Strange. It’s an exciting way to have Spider-Man elements and Doctor Strange elements combine. Doctor Strange says “the multiverse is a concept in which we know frighteningly little.” This confirms that he and Peter are now stuck exploring the multiverse, which will be fun to see what Marvel has planned for it going forward. 

While Doctor Strange gives his voice over, there’s a specific shot that might hold a significant amount of information. Several bolts of electricity strike near a couple of news vans. One of the news vans has the Daily Bugle logo on the side, which is the media company run by J. Jonah Jameson. It seems that Jameson is hoping to catch more criminalizing photos of Peter. The lightning is yellow, like Electro’s lightning in the comics. Jamie Foxx has been confirmed to return as Electro in this film, so his character could potentially be more comic book accurate this time around than when he was seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when his lightning was blue. There’s also a cloud of dust or sand surrounding the lightning. Perhaps this means that Sandman from Spider-Man 3 is also returning. 

Doctor Strange then multiplies a moving train while he and Peter ride on top of it. He creates several trains that expand into the sky and off the track. It’s likely that he’s using this as a cool visual metaphor to explain the infinite timelines to Peter. Doctor Strange then gets pretty angry at Peter for wanting to live two different lives, which is a huge change in tone from him winking when Wong turned his back earlier. 

Doctor Strange takes a page out of the Ancient One’s book and separates Peter’s spirit from his body. It’s a pretty interesting visual metaphor for Peter’s dual lives, especially since we see both Spider-Man and everyday Peter. There are a couple of other things worth noting in this shot. One is that Peter is holding some sort of box. Perhaps that box has something to do with how they will be able to return to their timeline. The other point of interest in this shot is that Doctor Strange is wearing the Eye of Agamotto. Why would he be wearing it if the Time Stone isn’t in it as its power source? Would it even have the power to do anything now? 

Peter once again dons the Iron Spider suit that he wore in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and it still looks like a CGI mess. The legs are still pretty cool, but Spider-Man is typically strong enough that he doesn’t necessarily need them. This is also the third different Spider-Man suit we’ve him wear and this is only the trailer. Does Spider-Man need to constantly be changing what he’s wearing in a single movie? 

Next is the first time we see Happy in the trailer, and he’s in a lot of danger. He’s surrounded by countless armed gunmen. Could this be because of his association with Peter? That seems a little extreme. It could also be because of how his life is affected if he never knew Peter was Spider-Man, which makes one wonder why his life in particular would change that much because of it. 

The next shot is VERY quick and hard to make out, but Peter, dressed in a suit and tie, appears to be in some sort of dark cave. Something creeps up behind him, but it’s almost impossible to tell what it is. Could it be the Lizard? It looks almost Venom or Carnage-like, but given that Sony is focusing on them outside of the MCU, that’s pretty doubtful. Maybe while multiverse hopping Peter made it to the timeline with Venom and Carnage. Only time will tell, unfortunately. 

There’s more sand and lightning, but it now looks like they’re clashing. Could Sandman be defending Peter against Electro? That would match his arc from Spider-Man 3 quite well. How Sandman and Electro are in the same place and time is yet another mystery.

In one of the most exciting teases in the trailer, a Pumpkin Bomb rolls onto a bridge and blows part of it up. A maniacal laugh is heard as the bomb lands on the bridge. That laugh sounds a lot like Willem Dafoe. This seems to be a confirmation that Dafoe’s Green Goblin, the first baddie Spider-Man battled on the big screen and Spider-Man’s archnemesis, is returning for this film. This is definitely worth getting excited over for those of us who grew up with the 2000s Spider-Man trilogy. One minor concern that this brings up is what exactly will Norman Osborn’s role be in the MCU. In the comics, he’s vital to the Marvel Universe. He even ran S.H.I.E.L.D. for a period of time. This cameo makes it seem like he will be someone for Peter to fight on the way to some other true big bad, which is unfortunate. Perhaps this is one timeline’s Osborn and we’ll be introduced to the main timeline’s Green Goblin at a later point. 

The screen goes completely black after the bridge explosion. A very peculiar voice over plays over it. What sounds like Doctor Strange’s voice says “Be careful what you wish for, Parker.” Saying this with that angry tone of voice sounds extremely villainous. There’s a very plausible theory circulating the Internet that this could all be the doing of another villain disguised as Doctor Strange. During the “One More Day” storyline in the comics, Peter makes a deal with Mephisto to make it so that the world never knew he was Spider-Man, but it also meant never being married to Mary Jane. Could this be Mephisto disguised as Doctor Strange? This all feels like a “deal with the Devil” scenario, which fits his character well. 

Let’s look at the evidence. Doctor Strange is being kept cold in the Sanctum, so perhaps this is because Mephisto is the Devil and needs to be cooled off (which I’m aware sounds silly). There’s a sign that literally says “Devil in disguise” earlier in the trailer. Doctor Strange doesn’t seem to be acting like himself, which could mean that he is actually someone else in disguise. The writers are pulling a lot from the “One More Day” story, so why not the villain as well? 

A mechanical arm last seen in live action in Spider-Man 2 seventeen years ago reaches out of the smoke and rubble of the blown-up bridge, followed by Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus revealing himself. As much as I want Tom Holland to be in movies that focus on his Spider-Man within the MCU, it’s hard denying that it’s exciting seeing this familiar face after all this time. Doc Ock says one simple line: “Hello, Peter.” Would this version of Doc Ock recognize Tom Holland as Spider-Man, or is he talking to his universe’s Spidey played by Tobey Maguire? It looks like we’ll have to wait a few months to find out. 

Peter, clearly wearing the same suit and tie that Tobey Maguire wore in Spider-Man 3, prepares for battle by donning the Iron Spider suit. This time, though, it instantly forms around him like he’s a Power Ranger morphing, which is a pretty neat effect. With all these suits being used that we’ve already seen in previous films, it does make one wonder if there will be a brand new one as well for them to sell toys of.

The trailer ends with an advertisement for PlayStation 5 controllers even though it’s still nearly impossible to obtain the console. It does make sense for Sony to cross-promote their products, though. 

This is just the teaser trailer and it shows quite a lot of the movie. This one trailer suffices for any advertising they need. Hopefully any other advertising doesn’t reveal too much more and that there are plenty surprises left for the film itself. 

This is such an exciting trailer. It tells us what the story is, shows us the movie’s tone, showcases plenty of big action moments, and even confirms the return of fan-favorite villains. There’s a lot to look forward to here if you’re a fan of previous Spider-Man movies, an avid comic book reader, someone who has been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or just someone looking for a fun popcorn flick. It’s easy to tell this is going to be an entertaining movie experience. 

There are a couple of slight concerns after seeing the trailer, though. One is that Spider-Man’s previous appearances in the MCU have presented him as a bit of a sidekick role to Iron Man and even the other Avengers. Now it looks like he’ll be attaching himself to Doctor Strange or being overshadowed by characters from previous Spider-Man movies. Hopefully this isn’t the case and Holland’s Spider-Man can truly get his time to shine. 

The other concern is whether or not anything in this movie will matter long term. If all these exciting events take place in another timeline or two, then will the movie end with Peter returning to his timeline where everyone still knows he’s Spider-Man? If so, other than character development for Peter, will this film have any sort of impact on any of the people in his life or the MCU as a whole? If there’s no real impact, we may get a fun movie where they can do whatever they want, but it would feel a bit lame in a cinematic universe. 

Despite a couple of concerns, the movie does look amazingly fun and will likely be one of the biggest thrill rides in the MCU.  

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