7 Unanswered Questions From Steven Universe

Steven Universe is one of the greatest series in modern children’s entertainment. It’s smart, heartfelt, hilarious, action-packed, features important themes, and is all-around entertaining. The story is interesting and full of a surprising amount of lore. After five seasons, a movie, and a spin-off series, the main story came to a satisfying close. However, there are some pretty big questions that were never quite answered. 

Here are some of the most burning questions left after the end of Steven Universe‘s story:

What was in the chest? 

Throughout the series, we see that Rose Quartz has kept a locked chest within Lion’s mane along with some of her most treasured belongings. We’ve discovered the meaning behind just about everything in this hideaway except for whatever secrets this chest holds. We’ve been teased by it several times, like when Steven found a magic key that went to something other than the chest, the countless times taunted us in the background, or when it was shown to be open in Steven Universe: the Movie

At some point between the main series and the movie, the chest was opened, but they never mention how they opened it or what was inside. Did they find a key? Did Bismuth forge a new key for it? Did they say a magic word? What could have been in it other than random Earth junk Rose/Pink took a liking to, more corrupted Gems, or cherished belongings from the time she did enjoy on Home World? There’s an online theory that Steven’s pink jacket from the movie was in it, but there’s no reason to lock up an article of clothing. That theory also doesn’t provide any details as to how it was opened. 

Are the Rubies still stuck floating around space?

To save the Crystal Gems while on the Rubies’ ship, Steven opened the airlock and released himself and the Rubies into space. We see one Ruby, nicknamed Eyeball, a couple times after that during her attempts to be a thorn in Steven’s side. We know she somehow made it to Homeworld, but we never see the other Ruby troops that were with her initially. Are they still floating in space?

It’s unlike Steven to leave them like that, considering he’s befriended most of his adversaries, but saving them is never mentioned or seen. It really seems like he left them to float around space forever, which is a bit harsh for him. 

Will Lapis and Peridot ever fuse?

Throughout Steven Universe, it’s shown that Gems who have a strong enough bond can fuse. Lapis and Peridot absolutely have a strong relationship. They live together, raise Pumpkin together, and learn about life on Earth together. Even though it’s never explicitly said, it’s clear they may be in a romantic relationship. However, we never see them fuse.

After her toxic fusion with Jasper, Lapis needed to take some time before she was ready to fuse again. That’s understandable, but several years have passed as of Steven Universe Future. Plus, it’s something most fans want to see. Imagine Peridot’s metal-controlling powers mixed with Lapis’s water manipulation. They’d likely blend together to make some sort of awesome liquid metal abilities. Between how cool it would be, how much time has passed, how close she is with Peridot, and how much the fans want to see it, it’s definitely been time for Lapis to fuse with Peridot. 

Did Pearl ever call that mystery woman? 

At a concert, Pearl got the phone number of a mysterious pink-haired woman who looked vaguely like Rose Quartz, and she even got a cell phone with the intent to call her. Unfortunately, it’s never known if she actually called her or not. 

Whether or not something actually happened between her and this mysterious woman, actually making the phone call is extremely important for Pearl’s character development. By calling her, Pearl would be showing that she’s able to move on from Rose Quartz and that she can do something for herself for a change. When Steven explores her mind in a later episode, we see that there are plenty of other phone numbers that she’s gotten. Has she ghosted on each of them as well? In Steven Universe Future, it’s hinted that there’s a relationship between her and Bismuth. If Pearl did call the mystery woman, things clearly didn’t work out. The act of calling her is what’s important for her character, though, so it’s necessary for the audience to get that answer. 

What will Jasper do now that she has no one to serve?

Jasper lives to serve the Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond who she was assigned to. She looked at it as her life’s purpose. She even finally accepted Steven as a diamond and wanted to do his bidding. Obviously, that’s not something Steven wanted. When he left for his trip at the end of Steven Universe Future, he didn’t want Jasper coming with him and even told her to find something better to do with her life. 

What is it that she’ll do with her life now, though? Will she help out at the Little Homeschool, travel the Earth, go back to Homeworld, use her fighting skills to become a superhero of sorts, or something else? She has no passion outside of violence, so how can she use that to find her place? 

What will happen to the remaining antagonists?

Throughout the series, Steven rehabilitates and befriends the majority of his foes. However, there are a few who are out there ready to wreak havoc even after the series comes to a close. Emerald battles Steven, Lars, and the Off-Colors in space, never to be seen again. Aquamarine and Eyeball fly off bragging that they will find and defeat Steven eventually. There’s also a Lapis Lazuli who declares that she still wants to terraform planets regardless of what life is lost in the process. 

The series ends before we see any sort of ending for these baddies. On one hand, it makes sense that not everyone is going to like Steven and the Crystal Gems. It’s realistic to have adversaries in any form, even in real life. That being said, some of these Gems are evil and would really hurt people if they’re not stopped. Why not finish up these villains’ stories like the rest of them?

What’s next for Steven? 

Steven Universe Future ends with Steven leaving Beach City to find his own future. It’s overall a great ending, but Steven didn’t get any sort of formal education and hasn’t shown any skills outside of generally helping people and music. Since he gave his ukulele to Pearl, it seems he’s not pursuing a music career. What would he do if he focused on helping people? He has healing powers, so it would make sense for him to travel the world as a healer, but he doesn’t seem to realize that. 

Obviously, his uncertainty matches his current age and stage of life, but his options are extremely limited since he hasn’t gone to school and hasn’t had much experience outside of superheroics. Whatever Steven actually decides on, it would be interesting to check on him in the future in any form of media. 

Most of the series’ mysteries have thankfully been solved. Hopefully creator and showrunner Rebecca Sugar will one day answer these questions, whether it be in another movie or spin-off, a comic book, or even a q&a at a convention. Until then, Steven Universe fans won’t rest. 

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