6 Most Forgotten Nicktoons

Most people who grew up in the 90s or later are likely nostalgic for those beloved Nickelodeon cartoons known as Nicktoons. From the classic Rugrats and Doug to the more recent The Loud House and Sanjay and Craig, there are decades of animated entertainment close to people’s hearts. Shows like CatDog, Rocket Power, and Rocko’s Modern Life are often celebrated and discussed, but there are a handful of Nicktoons that have unfortunately become forgotten. Despite being fantastic, they’re not talked about as much as others, and it’s rare to see people dressed as characters from those shows at conventions or parties. It’s even unlikely that merchandise of them would be found at Box Lunch or F.Y.E. or other stores that celebrate pop culture and nostalgia. 

It’s important these outstanding Nicktoons be remembered by those who grew up watching Nickelodeon. Here are six of the most forgotten Nicktoons.


ChalkZone followed the adventures of Rudy Tabootie, a boy who wields magical chalk that allows him to enter another dimension, known as the “ChalkZone” where all of his drawings come to life. The main characters of Rudy, Snap, and Penny were all entertaining to go on these adventures with, plus they were each easy to relate to. 

The show’s strongest point was that it acknowledged that worlds of imagination are available to all of us and encouraged younger audiences to be creative. It was both fun and important for kids to watch. The premise is unique enough, so why isn’t it as fondly remembered as the likes of Angry Beavers or Invader Zim?

My Life as a Teenage Robot

My Life as a Teenage Robot blended the badass superhero action seen in Danny Phantom and the coming-of-age teen drama seen in As Told By Ginger. X-J9, or Jenny as she preferred, was a young robot built to serve as the daughter of an elderly robotics scientist. Her life was extra complicated for a teenager because, on top of dealing with typical high school drama and growing pains, she had the added responsibility of being Earth’s robotic protector. 

The drama was gripping, the comedic moments were hilarious as they poked fun at typical teenage problems, and the superhero action was intense. This is one Nicktoon that’s absolutely worth re-bingeing.


Catscratch revolved around a trio of feline brothers who inherited great riches, a giant mansion, and a monster truck when their wealthy owner passed away. Three cat brothers with all the money they could ever want and no owner to hold them back allowed for some truly hilarious mayhem. Gordon, Mr. Blik, and Waffle (with his catchphrase “Splee!”) each had distinctive, contrasting personalities that allowed them to butt heads (in an always friendly manner) while also each being relatable to younger audiences in some way.

It may not have had a story as strong as Avatar: the Last Airbender, but it was silly fun that couldn’t be missed.

Yakkity Yak

Yakkity Yak only lasted for one season, so it’s understandable how it can go overlooked compared to longer-lasting Nicktoons. However, it was a comedic treat to watch. The show’s story centered around a young yak named Yakkity who aspires to one day become a famous stand-up comedian. Yakkity and his friends Keo and Lemony were entertaining to experience each episode’s story with, and the show provided big laughs for audiences of all ages. 

Again, not the most plot-driven series by any means, but it was still worth watching and remembering. Perhaps a comedy about comedy was too meta for viewers at the time. 


KaBlam! was hands-down one of the best Nicktoons of all-time, so it’s extremely disappointing it’s not typically looped in with Rugrats or Ren and Stimpy. KaBlam! was a sketch comedy in which each sketch was a different cartoon. The animated hosts of the series, Henry and June, kept the show flowing between sketches and were just as entertaining to watch. Each sketch, which are all unique and use different animation styles, are hilarious, witty, and feel like several different shorter shows of their own. Some of these sketches were so good that they spawned other Nicktoons like Angela Anaconda and Action League Now! 

If you’re a fan of sketch comedy, then definitely give KaBlam! a watch for one of the most unique sketch comedies ever made. It’s a shame that more people haven’t. 

As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger was a fantastic coming-of-age drama series following the life of a middle school student named Ginger, her friends, and her especially odd little brother. The series showcased trials that many young viewers can identify with, like being raised by a single parent, finding out who your true friends are, trying to keep up with the latest trends, and having to give advice to those around you when you’re the one who needs it most. Between the relatable characters (even though most of us are more like Marcie, to be honest), the heartfelt moments, the drama that’s hard to look away from, the light-hearted humor, and whatever gross adventure Carl and Hoodsey are always up to, the show truly offered something for everyone.

With the super-catchy theme song, eyeballs being kept in jars, the “Little Seal Girl” song, and intriguing topics like social class differences, it’s pretty unbelievable that this show isn’t talked about as much. 

With the list of Nicktoons constantly growing, it’s important that some of the great ones don’t become forgotten in time. If you somehow missed out on any of these iconic Nickelodeon cartoons, it’s highly recommended you check them out and make sure they’re remembered along with Rugrats, The Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants, and the rest. 

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