Non-Star Wars Characters Who Would be Awesome With a Lightsaber

Lightsabers are one of the most recognizable movie props ever and one of the biggest symbols of nerd culture. They’re also incredibly badass. They’re literally swords of light that can cut through almost anything and are wielded by space warriors. Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to see how characters from franchises other than Star Wars would handle a lightsaber? Let’s take a look at just some characters that would be especially exciting to see wield a lightsaber.


Michonne is one of the strongest and coolest characters in The Walking Dead. She’s like a modern samurai with the way she slices through walkers (and some humans) with her trusty katana. Michonne is without a doubt one of the best fighters among the survivors of the apocalypse. 

Now imagine how much fun it would be if she replaced that katana with a lightsaber. Hacking and slashing through hordes of the undead would be made even easier. Villains like the Saviors or the Whisperers would never see what’s coming to them. Plus, apocalypse cooking is much less of an issue when a lightsaber can roast any hunted meat immediately. 

John Wick

John Wick has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most popular action heroes. He constantly fights off countless assassins and comes out victorious. He has managed to kill his foes with pencils, library books, and tons of firearms. Just imagine the damage he could do with a lightsaber. 

A lightsaber would allow John to avenge his dog in even more over the top ways and take on even more assassins at once. If they thought he was something to fear before, he sure as hell would be even scarier with a lightsaber. Severed limbs would be flying through every frame of the movie. 

Super Mario

Okay, this one is a rather odd choice, but think about it. Those pesky Goombas and Koopa Troopas won’t be any trouble for this plumber once he picks up a lightsaber. Dry Bones wouldn’t be able to reassemble after getting his bones torched. 

Mario may use plenty of power-ups, but none would come close to being as powerful as a lightsaber (other than maybe the Star, but that’s only temporary). Bowser would never kidnap Peach again if he saw Mario deflecting his fireballs back at him with a sword made out of light. Why find secret keys to open locked doors when you can just cut through them? Let’s-a-go!


Batman uses so many handy gadgets, but are any of them truly a match for a lightsaber? One could easily fit on his utility belt with no problem. Since a lightsaber is so deadly, he would have to show a lot of restraint with one, and that’s something Batman excels at. Thanks to the League of Assassins, he’s already trained to use a sword; now let’s get him one that’s also a laser beam!

Slashing through Poison Ivy’s plant monsters or Clayface’s shapeshifting body will be more efficient than ever before. Plus, now he can be extra stealthy by cutting straight through walls to sneak up on Gotham’s criminals. 

Jason Voorhees 

One of the greatest horror movie slashers ever, Jason is no stranger to chopping up terrified teenagers. We’ve seen what he could do with a machete; now it’s time to see how he handles a lightsaber. 

Okay, maybe he’s someone we should keep a lightsaber away from. At least it would allow for some cool on-screen kills, though. Jason has already been to space in Jason X, so he may know his way around science fiction weaponry. Regardless, no one who steps foot in Camp Crystal Lake would be safe if Jason got his hands on a lightsaber. 

What characters would you want to see wield a lightsaber? What do you think they’d be capable of if they got their hands in one? 

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