Nerdy News 11/19/20

Here’s the breakdown of the latest news in nerd culture: 

Wonder Girl is Coming to the CW

Greg Berlanti and the CW are bringing the newest Wonder Girl from DC Comics to TV. The series will follow Yara Flor, who will make her comic book debut in DC’s Future State storyline this January. Yara Flor was born of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God. After discovering her powers, she must fight against evil forces and save the world. 

Wonder Girl will be included in the Arrowverse, joining The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. This will make Wonder Girl the first series in DC’s TV universe to have a Latina lead. There is no known release date for the show as of yet. 

G4 Announces Holiday Reunion Special

The G4 Network is returning! The beloved, geeky network left TV roughly six years ago, but it stayed in the hearts of countless gamers and nerds. It was announced recently that G4 will officially be returning online. To kick things off, there will be A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special next week. The special will release on the G4TV YouTube and Twitch channels November 24th at 9:00 PM Eastern, and will air on Syfy on November 27th at midnight. 

This highly-anticipated, nostalgia-filled special will reunite the original G4 hosts Adam Sessler, Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, Kevin Pereira, and more, and will be hosted by comedian Ron Funches. Hopefully we get more news regarding G4’s full return during this special.

A New James Bond Video Game is in the Works

Hitman developer, IO Interactive, has announced that they are currently developing a new James Bond video game. This will be the first Bond game in about eight years. The project is currently being called “Project 007,” but that is just a working title at the moment.

It is not known which era of James Bond the game will focus on, or if it will be an entirely new version. Fans everywhere are hoping to relive the glory days of past Bond games like GoldenEye.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl Return

The 2005 family-friendly superhero movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl is getting a sequel 15 years later. Sharkboy and Lavagirl return, this time as parents, in We Can Be Heroes. This new film will be released on Netflix on New Year’s Day. Taylor Dooley will return as Lavagirl, but Sharkboy will be played by JJ Dashnaw this time around, instead of Taylor Lautner. Audiences will be introduced to their daughter, Guppy. Robert Rodriguez is returning to direct.

We Can Be Heroes will focus on a group of superpowered kids who set out to save their superhero parents when they are kidnapped by villains. This is exciting news for those who grew up with the original and may want to relive their nostalgia or even have something to share with their new kids. 

Wonder Woman 1984 to Release in Theaters and on HBO Max

DC and Warner Bros.’ latest superhero blockbuster, Wonder Woman 1984 will be releasing in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas day. Director Patty Jenkins has said that they aim to have the movie in theaters for a long enough time for everyone to be able to see it on the big screen when theaters are open everywhere. The film will be available on HBO Max for one month with no additional fees to watch it.

This could lead to a major impact on the movie world, as other studios may follow suit with their big-budget films and release them in theaters and digitally simultaneously rather than waiting for the cinemas to open. If Wonder Woman 1984 does well enough, then we could potentially see something similar happen with Black Widow or No Time to Die.

That wraps up this round of Nerdy News. Make sure to check back at for more on all things nerdy!

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