Disney Worlds that Deserve to be in Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts is an extremely popular video game series featuring a heroic protagonist named Sora traveling with Goofy and Donald Duck to various worlds to fight darkness. Each of these worlds, for the most part, is from a different Disney movie. Tarzan, Aladdin, Hercules, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen, and much more have been used as worlds for Sora and his friends to visit over the course of the action/adventure video game series. However, there are plenty of Disney properties, both classic and modern, that still have never been used as worlds in Kingdom Hearts despite there being several games in the franchise. With the way Kingdom Hearts III concluded, it’s safe to assume that the series will eventually return. Here are some of the worlds I hope to see in a future game.

One of the major Disney films that I’m especially shocked was never used in Kingdom Hearts is The Jungle Book. The animated movie is an absolute classic and has some of Disney’s most iconic music. The jungle featured in it would make for a fun environment to explore, and I’m sure Shere Khan would make for a fun baddie to fight. I can see why they may have not used it yet since it might play similarly to the Tarzan world in the original game, but I’m sure Square Enix could find ways to shake it up. The live-action Jungle Book was so popular upon release that I figured that would fuel the fire enough to get them to include the original Jungle Book in the latest Kingdom Hearts. Alas, I was wrong. I would still love to come across Mowgli and Baloo in Kingdom Hearts at some point.

Pocahontas is another classic I always imagined seeing in Kingdom Hearts. I understand the developers potentially staying away due to the controversy regarding the cultural inaccuracies, but it is a major part of Disney, and people were thrilled to see Pocahontas included in the Disney Princess scenes in Ralph Breaks the Internet. I can see the story of the movie blending well with the themes of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is about traveling between worlds. I can see Governor Ratcliffe and his men coming from another world to this “New World” and stirring up trouble. It can be used as an example as to why Sora and friends need to protect the World Order.


We get to meet Stitch a couple of times in the games, and even get to explore one of the spaceships from the Lilo and Stitch canon as a world. However, we never actually get to go to the islands where the movies and TV series take place. It would be fun to see Sora and his friends meet back up with Stitch in this new location. It’ll also allow the player to explore the world and experience the story of the movies, similar to what is done for most other worlds. Gantu would be fun to battle against again, and other experiments can be thrown in to mix things up. The Islands from Lilo and Stitch would be a blast to see in the games.

kingdom hearts agrabah

I definitely wouldn’t want every straight-to-DVD Disney sequel to be represented in Kingdom Hearts, but there is one that would work well and make for a fun world. That is, of course, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Sora returned to the world of Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts II, and it featured much of the plot of the second Aladdin movie. Because of this, I don’t think the third Aladdin movie should be out of the question. The movie is one of the Disney straight-to-DVD sequels that was good, Agrabah is one of the best worlds in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, and the story would work well with Kingdom Hearts. Fighting Sa’Luk on top of the golden hand would make for an incredible boss fight. Also, even though we have gone to Agrabah multiple times, we still have not ventured into the palace yet. I think it’s time we have. It would create a way to make Agrabah feel like a different environment than before.

Probably the Disney movie I’d like to see as a Kingdom Hearts world the most is Wreck-It Ralph. I was extremely saddened to find out that Ralph was just a Link Summon in Kingdom Hearts III. Ralph would make for a perfect party member to fight alongside. Getting the chance to explore Game Central Station, along with the game worlds of “Fixit Felix Jr.”, “Sugar Rush”, and “Heroes Duty” would be exciting and would it would all make for a massive environment to explore and battle Heartless and Nobodies in. Turbo as a Cy-bug would make for an ideal boss fight. Ralph’s inner conflict about being a villain and a good person at the same time could relate back to themes in Kingdom Hearts, like how certain characters like Riku and Axel use darkness but choose to be good.


We finally have our first Pixar worlds with Toy Story and Monsters Inc. in Kingdom Hearts III, but there are plenty of other Pixar properties that would be just as perfect for the games, especially The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, and Up. We may have had our taste of superhero fun with Big Hero 6, but I’ve always wanted to fight alongside the Incredibles to battle Syndrome. The theme of family in The Incredibles could easily relate back to how Sora feels about his friends. A Bug’s Life is a sadly underrated film and is one of my favorite Pixar movies. It offers a fun adventure and interesting characters, including one of the best Disney villains around. It’s time for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to help Flick kick Hopper’s butt. Up definitely emitted a lot of emotions similar to Kingdom Hearts, so I think it’d be a great fit. I can see a fun play-style unique to this world involving piloting the flying house, similar to the ship in the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts III. I can also imagine the plot being centered around Carl flying his house here from an outside world.

Two of the most underrated Disney animated movies of all time are Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet. Both have devoted fan-bases and are exciting adventure films about not giving up on what you’re searching for. A certain spiky-haired, Keyblade-wielding hero might relate a lot to Milo and Jim from these movies. A lot of people would be more than happy to see both of these in Kingdom Hearts.

Sometimes, all it takes for a Disney property to be perfect for Kingdom Hearts is a dastardly villain evil enough to conjure the darkness. Cruella DeVille is easily one of Disney’s biggest baddies. I know that she’s just an old lady, but she’s absolutely crazy and would do anything to get what she wants. I can see her using dark powers to summon the Heartless. She is the queen of mean, after all. The first game had the player find the all the dalmatians in chests, so why not bring them back to be featured in an actual 101 Dalmatians world?

Similarly, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove is certainly evil enough to be able to surround herself with darkness. I always pictured a Kingdom Hearts boss fight against Yzma with her using her potions to transform into various animals to battle Sora and his friends. Plus, Kuzcotopia would make for a fun stage to play on. Also, Kuzco could probably learn a thing or two about heart from Sora. I’m sure those who grew up with The Emporer’s New Groove would be happy to see it represented in Kingdom Hearts.


For similar reasons, The Princess and the Frog would also be a fantastic fit for the video game series. Tiana and Naveen could both learn some things from Sora. I can also see Tiana and Naveen’s relationship being used to mirror Sora and Kairi’s. Plus, it’d be fun to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy transform into swamp animals, similar to how they transform for The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc., and other movie worlds. The primary reason for The Princess and the Frog to be included is Dr. Facilier. He’s a great villain with dark voodoo powers, setting him up to be one of the best bosses possible. He literally control shadows, which plays into Kingdom Hearts perfectly.

The Disney film that would be the best fit for Kingdom Hearts ever would absolutely be Moana. Not only is it extremely popular and would attract newcomers since it’s more recent, but the characters, story, and themes are ideal for the games. Sailing across the ocean along side Moana and Maui, fighting coconut pirates and monsters, and restoring the Heart of Tafiti would be an exciting experience. Tamatoa would make for a great mini boss, and the giant lava version of Tafiti would be an even better main boss. The film is literally about restoring a heart, which is the most Kingdom Hearts plot line ever.

I hope I don’t lose you on this last one, but remember in the Little Mermaid world in Kingdom Hearts II where the gameplay focused on music-based mini games? Well, I think that can be done one more time. The only movie that would fit that format as well is High School Musical. I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t think it’s that crazy. Rhythm-based mini games to that outstanding soundtrack that many of us don’t admit we are nostalgic for could be pretty fun. Sora could encourage Troy to follow his heart with deciding between his friends and Gabriella, basketball and the musical. Plus, Sharpay isn’t a terrible villain. Throw in some Heartless she conjures up and we got ourselves a fun Kingdom Hearts world. Admit it, you like the idea at least a little, right?

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved video game franchise and it does not seem like it’s ending like many of us thought. Hopefully we get to see as many Disney properties represented as possible. Let me know what Disney worlds you’d like to see in a future installment of Kingdom Hearts.

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